How to get a dot crosshair in Valorant

Dot crosshair settings in Valorant (Image via Valorant)
Dot crosshair settings in Valorant (Image via Valorant)

Valorant allows its players to experiment and customize crosshair settings as per their preferences. A crosshair holds a lot of importance in a tactical shooter game like Valorant.

With the perfect crosshair settings, your aim accuracy will increase and your chances of getting a headshot will be a lot higher. Players can choose a larger crosshair or a smaller one like a dot, based on their personal choice. A small dot crosshair can make the aims more static and precise.


Valorant settings for a dot crosshair

Valorant provides a vast range of options for players to customize their crosshairs, including thickness, borders, color, and opacity. With the help of these options, players can change their crosshair settings and get a dot crosshair with ease.

Here is what players need to do to apply the dot crosshair in-game:

  • To implement any type of crosshair in Valorant, players initially need to head over to the game's "Settings" section. This can be done either by clicking the icon on the top-right corner of their Home Page screen, or by clicking the "Esc" button on the keyboard.
  • After doing so, a dialogue box will pop-up on the player's screen, showing four different options. Players will have to click the first tab - "Settings".
  • Upon clicking the Settings tab, players will be sent to the "General" tab, after which they need to navigate to the middle (or third) tab which says "Crosshair".

Players have the option to select the color of their choice for their crosshair. One can also change the opacity and thickness of both the inner and outer lines of the crosshairs. In the case of a dot crosshair, however, the outer lines are very low or remain at zero.


If the player wants to get the dot crosshairs for themselves, they can follow the settings below:

Outline Opacity - 1

Outline Thickness - 1

Center Dot Opacity - 1

Center Dot Thickness - 4

Inner Lines

Show Inner Lines - Off

Inner Line Opacity - 0

Inner Line Length - 0

Inner Line Thickness - 0

Inner Line Offset - 0

Outer Lines

Show Outer Lines - Off

Outer Line Opacity - 0

Outer Line Length - 0

Outer Line Thickness - 0

Outer Line Offset - 0

Adjusting the crosshair settings to the above given values will create a dot crosshair. This will drastically increase aim accuracy and will help players get headshots with ease.

A dot crosshair takes up lesser screen-space, which helps in getting the aim right. However, if a player wishes to "spray", dot crosshairs can put them at a disadvantage. Hence, players with better aim or those who prefer one-tap shooting can get a dot crosshair for themselves. It is advisable for players to customize their crosshairs based on their gameplay style.

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