How to get the Oni Phantom in Valorant

The Oni Phantom is a part of the Oni Bundle in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
The Oni Phantom is a part of the Oni Bundle in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant has a lot of skins and cosmetics that players strive to get their hands on. Although the game is pretty unique in terms of the hero's abilities and the overall lore behind every character and map in the title, the cosmetics add to the game's uniqueness.

Ever since its release, the developers have been releasing a lot of cosmetics for all the weapons present in the game. Most of these are released in the form of a bundle. The same holds true for the Oni Phantom in Valorant as well. So how does one get this skin in the game?

Acquiring the Oni Phantom in Valorant


Given how it is designed, it's safe to say that the Oni Phantom is probably one of the most popular Phantom skins in Valorant. Released alongside the 1.04 patch, this was one of the earliest bundles to go live in the game.

The only way in which players can get their hands on this skin is by purchasing it from the in-game item shop. It's unlikely that the Oni bundle will return to the store, so players might not be able to get their hands on it once again; however, they will be able to purchase the skin if it makes a return in the Daily Offers section of the in-game store.

The daily offers section is somewhat unique to every player. So just because it appears in someone's daily offers section, it doesn't mean everyone will see it in their in-game store. That's what probably makes this skin even more unique. Provided it's in the store, players will have to shell out 1775 VP to purchase the Oni Phantom skin.


Unlike Counter-Strike, there isn't a community marketplace in Valorant, so players won't be able to get their hands on the Oni Phantom if it doesn't make its way into the in-game store. There are a lot of websites available where individuals claim to sell accounts with such skins.

Purchasing such accounts is forbidden as it violates the Terms of Service of the game. Players indulging in such activities might find themselves at the receiving end of a ban hammer. Moreover, there's a higher chance of them getting scammed as well.

So other than the in-game store, there is no legitimate way to purchase the Oni Phantom skin in Valorant. Players who wish to employ other methods should do so at their own risk. When it comes to weapons in the game, Vandal and Phantom are arguably the most popular ones.

Both these weapons have their own fanbase as well. There's been a never-ending debate within the Valorant community with respect to these two weapons. It's unlikely that this debate will ever be settled. Both Phantom and Vandal are very good weapons. It all boils down to the personal choice of the player.

With Episode 5 Act 3 almost at the end, players are gearing up for a brand new map, which is scheduled to go live in January. Despite the arrival of new weapon skin bundles, the Oni Phantom will continue to be a fan favorite.

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