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How the groups in ESPL Valorant Power Up India stand so far

The ESPL Valorant India PowerUp Series is moving
The ESPL Valorant India PowerUp Series is moving to the group stages (Image via ESPL)
Satyaki Das
Modified 16 Feb 2021

The ESPL Valorant Power Up India Series has entered its group stages, with 16 teams competing for the title.

These teams qualified through four massive qualifiers and are randomized into four groups, with four Valorant sides in each pool. Each group has a double-elimination format to filter out the top two from each group.

The two top teams from each group will compete against each other in the Playoffs in a single-elimination format, and the best side will claim the championship title.

Currently, only Group A has completed its elimination process. This is how the pool stands after elimination:

  1. Global Esports (Q)
  3. White Shadow Esports
  4. The RAD Syndicate

Global Esports vs INGLU.XFT - ESPL PowerUp Valorant India


The first match of Group A was between Global Esports and INGLU.XFT. Despite the latter giving a tough fight, Global Esports managed to come away victorious with a 2-1 scoreline.

The first map of the bo3 Valorant series was Haven, where INGLU took the initial lead. However, Global closed the gap, and the two teams traded out rounds in the first half, which ended 7-5 with GE leading.

The second half was relatively quick, where GE did not sacrifice a single round in their defending half, winning 13-5.

The second map was on Bind and INGLU.XFT looked much more confident, dominating from the beginning and securing a comfortable victory. As the underdogs reached match point, INGLU.XFT played it safe and took time to secure a 13-9 win to tie the series 1-1.

The final map of the Valorant match was Ascent, where Global Esports maintained a constant lead, which eventually led to a 13-9 victory.

The RAD Syndicate vs White Shadow Esports - ESPL PowerUp Valorant India


The first map of the second match of Group A was Icebox. It started with The RAD Syndicated securing the initial rounds.

However, White Shadow Esports stood firm, defending the sites and leading the first half with ease. The half ended 8-4.

Paradox, the fearless duelist from The RAD Syndicate, put in a massive effort, but it wasn't enough. White Shadow executed perfect attacks on the sites and maintained a constant gap in the score, eventually winning 13-9.

The second map of the match was Haven, where The RAD Syndicate's synergy looked much better. While White Shadow might have led the scores initially, RAD pulled them down to a 5-7 score in the first half.

The second half witnessed a couple of round trades, with Syndicate even taking a 10-9 lead. However, it did not last long as White Shadow broke through and took a 13-11 victory, winning the Valorant bo3 series.

Global Esports vs White Shadow Esports - ESPL PowerUp Valorant India

The match between Global Esports and White Shadow Esports was quick. It was the Upper Bracket Finals of Group A.


The match started on Haven. Global was confident enough to take a considerable lead of 9-3 in the first half, with IGL HellRanger popping off heads with ease.

The second half's pistol round helped White Shadow gain a little momentum. However, Global took advantage of its strong economy and took the map 13-7.

The second map of the bo3 Valorant series was Bind. White Shadow Esports looked fresh and strong on this map. Both teams struggled and maintained a close gap in the score. However, White Shadow led with a score of 7-5.

Close war continued into the second half, where the score was even at 10-10. But with SkRossi's flashy picks, Global Esports managed to claim the top spot in their group, successfully qualifying for the Playoffs.

The group's Lower Bracket witnessed INGLU.FT winning the finals and eventually securing a spot in the Playoffs. With this, the process of elimination of Group A concluded.

Published 16 Feb 2021, 14:34 IST
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