How many people play Valorant in 2022?

Valorant loading screen after Neon was introduced (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant loading screen after Neon was introduced (Image via Riot Games)

With Valorant, Riot Games had one of the best starts for their first-ever first-person shooter. Back in 2020, a pandemic started to spread worldwide, urging people to attend their institutions and work from home. This indirectly made people try the game, at least once.

Valorant brought a breath of fresh air upon its arrival. It is based on a 5v5 gunplay sautéed with MOBA-like abilities. Since it shares similarities with multiple games like CounterStrike: Global Offensive and Overwatch, players immediately got used to the mechanics. As a result, the game blew up and has been one of the most played games since its release.


This article will enlighten readers about the playerbase of the game in 2022.

What is the current playerbase of Valorant?

Valorant has been a massive hit since the start of its beta phase. Its free-to-play structure, similarities with a handful of games, and close-to-perfect release time have gathered an enormous amount of playerbase for itself.

Since then, it has climbed to the top, becoming one of the most played games of all time. Currently, Valorant has a concurrent playercount of approximately 700,000 to 1,400,000 on a daily basis.

Unlike Steam, there is no proper way of knowing the exact numbers. All the data in this article has been collected from

Detailed live monthly player count (Screenshot via
Detailed live monthly player count (Screenshot via

The average monthly number of users of the game is somewhere between 15 to 16million. According to the stats from, an increase of 2% of playerbase can be seen every month.

Live Player Count (Screenshot via
Live Player Count (Screenshot via

A total of 16,055,649 players have played the game in the last 30 days alone. A unique gameplay approach has made the game accumulate millions of players across the world, making it one of the fastest-growing FPS games of all time.

Why does Valorant have such huge numbers in terms of playerbase?

Several factors are responsible for such high numbers. One of them is players finding familiarity due to similarities with CSGO and Overwatch. The second factor is that it is free-to-play. The third factor would be its low system requirements.

Live monthly player count chart (Screenshot via
Live monthly player count chart (Screenshot via

It requires a minimum of Intel i3-370M CPU and an integrated Intel HD 3000 GPU to run at 30fps. As a result, players with low-end PCs to dated laptops can also play the game in the lowest possible settings.

Apart from that, the game has a Battlepass system that offers a good collection of skins for just 1,000 VP. This allows players to grind for the rewards who often end up buying some of the premium skins offered by Riot Games. Unlike CSGO, the skins are non-tradeable and the player gets to keep them permanently in their accounts.

How does the future of Valorant look like?

Valorant has been an esports-ready game since its inception. Unlike CSGO, the game allows players to easily create custom lobbies and host tournaments. Countless local and international tournaments have taken place since 2020.

Several teams have proven themselves to have the potential to dominate the world along with more fresh faces who will appear in the upcoming days. The future of the game looks quite bright as more players will start to hop onto the professional scene.

It's confirmed. We will witness a new champion at #VALORANTMasters 1 Reykjavik. @Sentinels, M3C (@GambitEsports), and @AcendClub have all been eliminated from Masters 1 contention.#VALO2ASIA #VCT 📸: Colin Young-Wolff, Jianhua Chen - Riot Games

Champions Tour, which is quite the event players look up to, will become bigger and better in the years ahead. The game will see the emergence of more underrated players from regions like South Asia, where the scene is already growing at a steady rate.

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