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How to unlock new agents in Valorant

Valorant Agents: How to unclock them?
Valorant Agents: How to unclock them?
Modified 26 Mar 2021

Riot Game’s Valorant currently has 15 playable characters, called agents. Each of them has a unique set of abilities that creates a wide range of possibilities to diversify the otherwise cookie-cutter shooting game.

However, out of those 15, only a specific five agents are available to players from the start. Those five agents are Phoenix, Sage, Sova, Jett, and Brimstone. To unlock the rest of the agents, players have to complete a few goals or invest in terms of microtransactions.

So, unlocking agents like Viper, Omen, Yoru, Raze, and Astra would require gamers to invest their time or money into the game. This article focuses on the main three ways to unlock these agents.

Unlock new Valorant agents by leveling up

This is the simplest and most organic way to unlock the first two agents as gamers start playing Valorant with the starting roster of five.

The home screen in-game would show a new player’s progress bar towards specific goals, and adjacent to it, there would be an XP bar that indicates their progress. As a player reaches level 5, they can activate a new agent. Again, as they attain level 10, they will be eligible to trigger another character.

This whole process should not take longer than 3 to 5 hours, depending on a player’s skill.

There are many ways to unlock agents in Valorant
There are many ways to unlock agents in Valorant


Unlocking Valorant agents through agent contracts

After players have unlocked the first two agents, the following order of action would be to access the agents tab from the top bar of the game’s main menu.

There, every locked agent would correspond to an ‘Activate’ button. Upon pressing that, the respective agent’s unlock contract would be activated, and the XP earned by playing the game would go toward unlocking that agent.

Again, gaining level 5 in the contract would allow players to unlock that specific agent.

Gamers only have one contract activated at a time, but if agent contracts are switched midway, no progress would be lost.

Unlock Valorant agents using VP or Valorant Points

If a player does not want to partake in the grind of unlocking new agents through agent contracts, they can purchase them through Valorant Points.

1000 Valorant points would skip five levels worth of effort and thus unlock a new agent. 1000 Valorant points approximately costs $10 or INR 799.

Published 26 Mar 2021, 15:26 IST
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