Is the Operator holding back Valorant from what it should be? A good portion of the community deems it so

The Valorant community is still not happy with the current state of the Operator (Image via Riot Games)
The Valorant community is still not happy with the current state of the Operator (Image via Riot Games)

Ever since Valorant’s launch in June 2020, there has been a lot of debate regarding the Operator and its place in the game.

The shooter’s most powerful (and once the most oppressive) weapon has gone through a lot of changes over time, where Riot Games sought to tweak, nerf, and buff it just to get it balanced for both pro play and standard matchmaking.

However, even after all the patches, debates surrounding the Operator have still not died down. Players have taken to the game’s subreddit forums to share their opinions on the current state of the weapon.

In the above Reddit post, Valorant player u/SociapathicFrog opens a discussion on how many in the community feel that “The operator holds back Valorant from being what it should be.”

What gives this argument some ground is the number of upvotes and comments that the post received. This sort of engagement just goes to show that the Operator is still a problematic ground of argument for many players.

The Valorant community is still not happy with the current state of the Operator

The discussion's original poster opened up the argument by stating,

“The operator will never be perfect due to the very nature of Valorant and the varying playstyles of the different Agents, however, one thing stands clear; mobility is king. A weapon that generally goes untouched outside of two agents should be a red flag to start with the question of the weapon even belonging in the game, to begin with.”

Indeed, the Operator hardly sees much play outside 2 or 3 Agents in the game, and the Jett-op meta is still running supreme even after the repeated nerfs that the duo have faced over the months.

Players feel that the Operator forces one to opt for a more one-dimensional Valorant playstyle, the player continues by saying,

“It's an unhealthy one-dimensional playstyle that rewards the user for the lowest of efforts. Now think of it from your own experience, do you really feel out-played when watching your entire team get demolished despite using every resource available to combat it?”
“The argument usually goes as follows; the operator(used by chamber/jett) is not overpowered you just need to learn how to play against it, this argument falls short as I see top 500 players struggle just as much as low diamond lobbies.

The community feels that the Operator, as it stands today, limits Valorant and stunts the shooter from what it can be by forcing certain roles into very specific playstyles.

However, players are hopeful that with the arrival of Chamber and the upcoming Agent with the “Sprinter” codename, the Jett-op meta would be effectively countered, forcing teams to employ a more varied playstyle that depends less and less on the Operator.

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