"Lord have mercy on EG Valorant": Community reacts to potential disbandment of Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses won Valorant Champions 2023 (Image via Riot Games)
Evil Geniuses won Valorant Champions 2023 (Image via Riot Games)

The Evil Geniuses Valorant roster might get disbanded in the near future if Peak6, the owner of EG, successfully sells its esports property. A recent report from Sports Business Journal (SBJ) stated that the Seattle-based organization might be exiting the esports scene. The team has already let go of their spot in LCS 2024, as well as all the players. The reasons behind the move still remain unclear.

In light of this, esports journalist Bo Hoogland (@Bo_Hoogland) took to X to share his thoughts on the matter. He said:

"Lord have mercy on the EG VALORANT division why the f*** do these companies always have to f*** s*** up at the last moments."

While the exact fate of the EG Valorant roster remains unclear, fans are concerned. This follows the controversy regarding Evil Geniuses reportedly blocking its Valorant players from exploring other opportunities earlier this year using extremely restrictive contracts.

2023 Valorant world champions, Evil Geniuses, might not return for VCT 2024

Bo Hoogland's X post (Image via X/@Bo_Hoogland)
Bo Hoogland's X post (Image via X/@Bo_Hoogland)

EG started off their journey in 2023, the first year of the partnership-based model in Riot Games' character-based tactical shooter, as one of the weakest teams in the Americas League. However, they quickly turned things around and emerged as among the toughest contenders in the league.

They made it to Masters Tokyo by a small margin, where they finished second. From there, it seemed like the team could do no wrong as they mowed their way past competitors, emerging as the winners of Champions 2023, defeating Paper Rex 3-1.

That said, soon after the VCT season for the year ended and the rostermania started, cracks in the Evil Geniuses management started to appear. They tied down the players in highly restrictive contracts, disallowing them from exploring options elsewhere.

The recent news of Peak6 potentially selling off the organization has once again brought it under the spotlight as fans are concerned for the roster's future. Some of them have taken to social media to express strong opinions against Evil Geniuses management, calling them out for leaving players in an "unfortunate spot."

One fan noted the rollercoaster ride the players went through over the course of VCT 2023. They were sad that despite delivering the best possible results by the end of the season, the EG players were facing such an uncertain fate.

Others did not let go of the chance to mock Riot Games for choosing Evil Geniuses as one of the partner teams from North America, bypassing organizations like OpTic Gaming, which fielded among the most successful teams in 2022.

Another member of the Valorant community wondered if G2 would be granted a franchising spot instead of the guest slot it currently occupies.

One person wondered if the players on the current Evil Geniuses Valorant rosters would be allowed to participate in VCT Americas 2024 under a different banner if the company ceased to exist.

The answer to that question, like most other aspects of this story, is still not clear. Players of the erstwhile The Guard roster have been allowed to play under the G2 banner after significant deliberation, so the possibility is there, but many internal factors play into such decisions.

All things considered, this is still a developing story. Sportskeeda's Valorant hub will share more updates on the subject as and when they come up.

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