"Mentally breaking a team": NA participants disappointed in incompetence of Valorant Red Bull Campus Clutch admins

Red Bull Campus Clutch 2022 (Image via Red Bull)
Red Bull Campus Clutch 2022 (Image via Red Bull)

In a recent post, Evolve via Twitter expressed his dismay at the incompetence of Valorant Red Bull Campus Clutch admins. He and his team recently encountered setbacks in the NA Collegiate Red Bull Campus Clutch due to poor management by the organizers.

Evolve is currently the Head Coach and Esports Director for Northwood Esports, a North American Premier Collegiate Esports Program.

Red Bull Campus Clutch is a global Valorant Esports tournament organized exclusively for students. Players get the opportunity to represent their college on the global stage and compete with teams from other colleges. It was first organized in 2021 and 50,000 students across the world took part. This time around, the finals will be conducted in Brazil.

NA Valorant Red Bull Campus Clutch controversy explained

Cody aka Evolve on Twitter recently posted on Twitter explaining the entire mishap he and his team faced in the NA Collegiate tournament. He started off by congratulating all the teams that qualified and ensuring that he didn't have a problem with them.

This controversy pertains to Qualifier 2, where Evolve's team reached the semi-finals after advancing through the bracket. Then in the semis, the qualifying teams were checked for eligibility as per FACEIT's Terms of Service. Here, opponents of Northwood Esports, were disqualified as a result of failing the eligibility test and the team went straight to the finals.

They won the finals against DePaul with a scoreline of 13 to 0. Having won the finals, the team was elated and signed the travel forms. But this period of excitement didn't last long as they now had to play the semi-finals against a team that lost to the disqualified team in the quarter-finals, despite winning the Valorant tournament. They unfortunately had to comply and lost the game.

Evolve stated:

"So long story short we win the entire bracket, fill forms out, all excited, done playing for the night, now we have players having to scramble back to setups iced out to play a BO1. We lose the match, coming to the match cold, upset, tilted and just deflated did not help"

He proceeded:

"You simply cant have a team win an entire bracket, pull them back after going through the entire process and expect a good fair performance after MENATALLY BREAKING a team with a decision like that. We also thought maybe since we played DePaul already and won 13-0 that possibly us and IU would go to offline...but that is not the case now, DePaul who we beat IN THE BRACKET grand finals is going...I apologize for the rant but FACEIT and REDBULL can DO BETTER. THIS is not acceptable. 2 hours after a completed bracket, its reset. Unreal."

He criticized the Red Bull Campus clutch and FACEIT management for their imcompetence in hosting the Valorant tournament. The team that won the finals were now out of the tournament due to the blunder the management of both the organizations made. He also complains about the horrible format in which games are conducted.

He concluded:

"Not sure exactly what I want out of this, but I damn sure am going to fight this for my students."

This has been quite upsetting for the teams involved in the tournament. Red Bull Clutch is known to have a poor format of the event. On top of that, a 17 year old freshman was banned from playing along with banning Canadian Citizens at US colleges from competing in the Valorant tournament.

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