BlastX Skins released in Valorant: Suction darts, custom animation, and more

The BlastX Skins are now available in Valorant's in-game store (Image via Riot Games)
The BlastX Skins are now available in Valorant's in-game store (Image via Riot Games)
Titas "TeeKay" Khan

After the initial teaser on December 4th, the BlastX skins, presented by PlayZilla. are now available in Valorant's in-game store.


The new BlastX series of skins are not only accompanied by new custom animated finishers, but also a brand new type of bullets - Suction Darts. However, the BlastX series does not feature a skin for all the weapons available in Valorant. There is a total of five assorted skins in the BlastX series, which include:

  • Odin
  • Frenzy
  • Phantom
  • Spectre
  • Knife (Bonus)

However, the mystery behind "PlayZilla" still looms large, as in spite of the skin's release in Valorant, no further information about PlayZilla has been revealed yet.

Given that PlayZilla was mentioned as an official sponsor of First Strike Europe, fans have started speculating that the entire point of the name was to create a hyper around the BlastX skin series.

Here's everything that fans need to know about the BlastX skin series in Valorant.

BlastX Skins presented by PlayZilla on Valorant

Apart from the fact that shots fired using BlastX skin weapons plant suction darts instead of bullet holes, the entire series boasts a colorful and toy-like appearance. According to Valorant Strike, the entire bundle costs a total of 8,700 Valorant Points, while each individual skin is available at:

  • Odin - 2,175 Valorant Points
  • Frenzy - 2,175 Valorant Points
  • Phantom - 2,175 Valorant Points
  • Spectre - 2,175 Valorant Points
  • Knife - 4,350 Valorant Points

Designed with the theme of toy guns, the BlastX series features three unwrappable variants which can be unwrapped by players whenever they choose to equip it. However, given that the BlastX skins are designed to be toy guns, the developers made sure to replace the bullets with suction darts.

However, in spite of the visual representation, these suction darts deal the same amount of damage as bullets do. The custom animation of a gift-box as the finisher makes the BlastX skin series one of the best additions for the festive season.

Nevertheless, the BlastX skin series presented by PlayZilla not only amplifies the festive spirit, but also offers players a chance to add even more substance to the holiday-themed visuals already present in Valorant.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod


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