"League is the real game!": Global Esports' SK Rossi on proposed Franchise League system in Valorant next year 

Global Esports' Sk Rossi gave his take on the proposed Franchise League system in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Global Esports' Sk Rossi gave his take on the proposed Franchise League system in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant esports is ready to take a new shape next year as Riot is planning to implement a partnership system from 2023. Several sources and players have already hinted towards some significant changes in the competitive scenario of the game next year.

Indian Valorant star Ganesh "SK Rossi" Gangadhar has also spoken about the new franchised league system in one of his recent YouTube livestreams. Though he was reluctant to reveal all the details, he has hinted that the system will undergo a complete change.

SK Rossi believes Valorant players will work hard to play in the league stages

Valorant completed its two-year anniversary earlier this month. The game has gained immense popularity among gamers and has a highly-active professional scene.

Riot has already hosted four international LAN events and is ready to host yet another one next month in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The upcoming VCT Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen will be the first international LAN event in the game's history that will have a live audience.

Meanwhile, the developers have already started planning internally to make things even bigger and are set to introduce the Franchise League system in VAL-esports next year.


In a recent livestream, Global Esports' Sk Rossi spoke about the new proposed system. He said:

"It is almost like the IPL (Indian Premier League). There will be franchises, but on an international level. Till now, there have been three different stages - Third-Party events, Official Events and the Champions. After the introduction of the new system League will be placed higher than Champions. Every player and team will be now working to be the League player."

He also added:

"League players will have good salaries, bootcamps, infrastructure, and more facilities. Players will not be playing against their own region. You will now be playing against other countries in APAC."

While talking about the league stage, Sk Rossi said:

"Teams in the League will be considered as the best teams in the world. When a team experiences a decline in their performance and considers a change in their team, they can take players from Champions or other official events."

It is still unclear how the new Franchise League system will run. However, Riot is expected to reveal everything regarding it very soon. It will be interesting to see how this new system affects the growth of Valorant esports and the related gaming ecosystem worldwide.

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