New Valorant Butterfly Knife in patch 3.04: All you need to know

Know more about the Butterfly Knife in the new Recon Skin Bundle (Image via Riot Games)
Know more about the Butterfly Knife in the new Recon Skin Bundle (Image via Riot Games)
Pratiti Dhang

Valorant’s new Recon skin bundle consists of a butterfly knife which was highly anticipated by the community.

Valorant has emerged as a popular FPS game in the past year, with a huge audience from other FPS game titles like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). In fact, some of Valorant’s in-game cosmetics have also been inspired by CS: GO., like the Ruin Dagger, which has its resemblance to the Falchion Knife in CS: GO, or the Prime Knife, inspired by the Karambit in CS: GO.

The Valorant community, especially the players from the CS: GO origin, have been demanding a new butterfly knife for a long time. Hence, Riot devs have fulfilled the fans' request by bringing the Recon skin bundle to the store.

The new Recon skin bundle is well-designed with realistic textures, giving the players a traditional, modern shooter feel in Valorant. Moreover, this is the second military-themed weapon skin bundle in Valorant, after Infantry, released in Patch 2.05. Veteran CS: GO players will definitely enjoy the melee knife skin.

The new Valorant Recon skin bundle contains Butterfly Knife

The new Recon skin bundle has lasers in the weapons, with three different color variants. Whereas the butterfly knife has got a unique rotation-like VFX animation. The butterfly knife, named “Balisong,” comes in two different levels and three color variants.


Following are the two animation levels for the Balisong - Butterfly Knife Melee:

  • Level 1 - Custom Model
  • Level 2 - Custom Animations and Audio


Here are the three color variants of Balisong - Butterfly Knife Melee:

  • Variant 1 - Red Camouflage
  • Variant 2 - Blue Camouflage
  • Variant 3 - Green Camouflage

The Recon skin bundle will arrive in the store on August 24, 2021, along with the Patch 3.04 update. Players can buy the entire bundle for 7,100 Valorant Points. Later, players can upgrade the weapons to different color variants and level up with Radianite Points.

Edited by Srijan Sen

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