Riot may ban multiple accounts to tackle smurfing in Valorant

Riot to take action against Valorant smurf accounts (Image via Riot)
Riot to take action against Valorant smurf accounts (Image via Riot)
Rishab Chakladar

Riot Games is set to ban multiple Valorant accounts to combat smurfing. The publisher recently tweeted about the same to warn the smurfs.

Players have complained about the account-boosting trend several times in the past. They have been requesting Riot to handle the issue strictly as it worsens their gameplay experiences.

The developer had previously taken action to combat smurfing, but it never worked the way gamers wanted. However, as of this time, Riot has decided to initiate a ban wave on smurf or boosted accounts.

As part of our effort to combat smurfs in the VALORANT Competitive queue, we recently initiated a ban wave on accounts that were compromised and/or violated our Terms of Service. Not sure if that includes you? Read our Terms of Service here:

Riot will ban smurfs in Valorant, according to their Terms of Service

After receiving lots of complaints regarding smurfed and boosting accounts in Valorant over the last few months, the American company has finally decided to take some strict majors to combat the issue.

Recently, through a tweet, they confirmed that they would initiate a ban wave on accounts that were compromised and/or violated Riot's Terms of Service, which said:

"You can't share your account or Login Credentials with anyone. You must keep your login credentials secret."

It also said that:

"Playing on another person's account or otherwise engaging in activity intended to 'boost' an account's status or rank."

Valorant is one of the most popular FPS games in the country, recording more than 25 million daily users. A unique combination of gunplay and agent utilities makes this game more attractive than the rest.

Yeay, Valorant without smurf is a bless. Tapi scam…

However, players prefer to play in the competitive queue to climb the ranks and get their names up on the leaderboard. But sometimes, it becomes challenging when they face opponents of higher elos playing from their smurf account or someone else's account.

It is very frustrating for gamers and degrades their experience. Repeatedly facing the same issue may cause them to lose interest in playing the game.

If Riot takes the necessary steps against this smurfing issue, it will enhance the gameplay experience of all users. It will be interesting to see if the publisher gets success in combating this problem.

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