"Their gameplay is not as good as DRX" - RRQ Lmemore on Paper Rex ahead of their matchup in VCT 2023: Pacific League

RRQ Lmemore in VCT 2023: Pacific League (Image via Flickr)
RRQ Lmemore in VCT 2023: Pacific League (Image via Flickr)

Week 8, Day 3 (Super Week) of VCT 2023: Pacific League has finally concluded, after two closely-fought matches. In the first match, Rex Regum Qeon went head-to-head against Talon Esports. Following this, ZETA DIVISION clashed with Gen.G. On the first map, RRQ came out on top with a 2-1 score. This scoreline followed into the second match, with ZETA DIVISION also securing a 2-1 victory.

After the first match between RRQ and Talon Esports, Rishabh Kalita from Sportskeeda Esports had the opportunity to interact with Hagai "Lmemore" Tewuh, a professional Valorant player from Indonesia currently playing for Rex Regum Qeon.

In a brief interview, the player shared several insights into the team, the areas where he believes the team is weak, especially during the VCT, and other information.

RRQ Lmemore talks about upcoming opponents in VCT 2023: Pacific League, love for music, and more


Q. How do you think the match went for you? Are you satisfied with your performance?

Lmemore: The match went well, but my performance wasn't really up to the mark.

Q. What did you think of your team’s performance at the VCT today?

Lmemore: My team performed really well.

Q. Were there any unexpected plays made by Talon that caught you guys off-guard, especially on Split?

Lmemore: Not really. On Split, I think we all just got nervous because it was Map 1. On the second and third maps, we got our mojo back.

Q. How did losing the initial map affect your team’s mindset going to the second map?

Lmemore: I don't really know because every time we finish a map, I always try to find my form and let my team do their thing. So I think after the first map, we got our mood back by doing fun things like playing games.

Q. What are some moments from today’s VCT match that stood out for you?

Lmemore: It's EJAY's (Jett) knives on Haven. I don't know what round it was, but we were eco, and he killed four with knives. I think that was the turning point in Haven. This made it easier for us to win our VCT match.

Q. What would you say was your biggest takeaway from today’s match?

Lmemore: Don't overthink and play normally. Just like we play in practice.

Q. Previously, in an interview, you mentioned that communication was a major concern for the team. Were these issues resolved, or do you believe there’s room for improvement?

Lmemore: There was communication in the first map. But our mood was bad, and soon the comms got worse. We still have to improve in that aspect. We have to think like we did last week. Everyone's vibe from the first map was really good, so we played well.

Q. Among the teams in the Pacific that you have faced so far, which do you think was the most difficult to play against?


Lmemore: Definitely DRX. Every one of their team members is sharp and can think. They all really know how to conduct mechanical plays to outplay their opponents.

Q. When you are not playing Valorant, what are some other activities that you like engaging in?

Lmemore: Other than playing Valorant, I like playing drums. I play real drums, but since we don't have that in our gaming house, I play it on my phone.

[So you are into music? That's fantastic.]

Yeah, I really like music. I always play music when I practice. However, I cannot do so because they prohibit playing music in the background.

Q. Next up for RRQ in the VCT is Paper Rex. What do you think about the team, and how do you guys plan on approaching the match?

Lmemore: They are really sharp. I spoke about DRX and that they can play, but they are not 'that' sharp. However, PRX is like really sharp. But their gameplay is not as good as DRX, so if we shoot better and play using the right tactics, we should win.


Rex Regum Qeon's final match in the VCT 2023: Pacific League's League Play is against Paper Rex. The upcoming match is scheduled to go live on May 16, 2023.

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