Valorant AMD Skyesports Champions Series Playoffs Day 4 results: Velocity Gaming gets disqualified, Orangutan and Global Esports to face-off again

A detailed overview of everything that has happened at the AMD Skyesports Champions Series Valorant tournament Day 4 (Image by Sportskeeda)
A detailed overview of everything that has happened at the AMD Skyesports Champions Series Valorant tournament Day 4 (Image by Sportskeeda)
Amlan "M4DM4N" Roy

The AMD Skyesports Champions Series (SCS) Playoffs are already nearing their end as the fourth day of the Valorant tournament finally concludes. This day remains sorrowful for many fans, while others have a reason to rejoice.

After observing a stellar show during the Val-Classico, Global Esports has earned another day in the tournament after defeating Velocity Gaming in the Lower Brackets. As a result, the tournament will now see a showdown surrounding the top three teams: Enigma Gaming, Global Esports, and Orangutan.

ENIGMA HAVE DONE IT!!!!!! FIRST TEAM IN VCT APACCongrats guys @Enigmagamingind @rawfiulVLR @ExcaliVLR @rishivjk @realantidotecs @RexyTejas

To discuss how the tournament came about with these huge changes, this article will give a thorough rundown of every event that has happened on the fourth day of the Valorant tournament.

Results, standings, and overview of Valorant teams after Day 4 of AMD Skyesports Champions Series Playoffs

In the first matchup of day 4, Enigma Gaming and Orangutan faced each other in the Upper Bracket Finals having map picks: Icebox, Ascent and Haven.

On Icebox, both teams were not ready to give each other a chance to win and managed to keep their score 12-12. However, Orangutan broke the tie by winning two rounds back-to-back, securing their win on map one with a score of 14-12.

The kinda support your team needs! @Enigmagamingind winning scenes in map 2 directly from the venue! ๐Ÿฅ#SCS #SouthAsiaArise

To stay in the Upper Bracket of the Valorant tournament, Enigma Gaming had to win the second map, and they started to give their best on Ascent as well. With a scoreline of 13-11, Enigma Gaming barely managed to win, taking the match to the third map.

With the overall score being 1-1 for both teams, the deciding factor for them became the third map, Haven. Enigma Gaming gave their all on this map and managed to defeat Orangutan with a score of 13-7, sending them to the Lower Bracket at once.

After the stellar showdown between Enigma Gaming and Orangutan, it was time for the Val-Classico. Velocity Gaming and Global Esports, who are both known for their rivalry, faced off again in the Lower Bracket Semi-Finals.

Having Bind as the first map, both Valorant professional teams went in hard, but the match looked dire as both remained on the 12-11 scoreline. Global Esports siezed the opportunity by winning the last round right after Velocity Gaming won three rounds in a row.

The performance of Global Esports exponentially grew on map two as they decimated Velocity Gaming with a score of 13-4, thus flawlessly winning the Lower Bracket Semi-Finals against Velocity Gaming without breaking a sweat.

On day 5, Global Esports will be facing off again against Orangutan on June 4, where it will be decided who will play in the Grand Finals.

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