Valorant buff Neon in patch 8.11 to be "more combat-ready" 

Valorant buff Neon in patch 8.11 to be "more combat-ready"
Neon buffed for Valorant patch 8.11 (Image via Riot Games)

Riot Games has just released the Valorant patch 8.11 where many Duelists received major changes, Neon being one of them. Her changes are perhaps the most significant out of any of the Agents because the small nerfs alongside the major buffs are game-changing. Dev's have enhanced her slides and speed while sprinting which is a major buff

According to developers, these changes are meant to help make the Agent "more combat-ready." Some of these changes were earlier announced in a developer update.

Here are all the Neon changes made in Valorant patch 8.11.

Neon gets buffed in Valorant patch 8.11

The new Valorant patch 8.11 has introduced major changes to Neon's overall speed in the game. The first of the nerfs have been applied to her Fast Lane ability. The walls that Neon summons to use as cover will now last for four seconds instead of the former six.

However, the walls will dissipate from behind to deal with the visual noise during combat. Essentially this will make her Fast Lane less distracting as it disappears. The wall's dissolve duration has also been increased from one second to two seconds in Valorant patch 8.11

Other major changes were executed with her (E) signature High Gear ability. The sprinting will no longer reduce Neon's speed while strafing. So maximum sprint speed while moving sideways has been increased from 6.73 meters/second to 9.11 meters/second in Valorant's patch 8.11.

The time until fuel regeneration has also been decreased from 60 to 20 seconds. This ensures that the Agent can get back on the run for longer than before. To make her even stronger, Valorant buffed the Duelist's slide from one charge to two.

However, the second slide will require being purchased and will cost 150 in-game credits. The interesting highlight is that the patch has removed all weapon movement errors while sliding. This implies that shooting while sliding will now be much more accurate.

Moreover, equip out of slide have been made instant. Formerly they were just fast. However, there is a 0.2-second-long buffer before equipping during the slide. So, there are 0.2 seconds before the gun comes out.

Finally, her (Q) Relay Bolt has also been affected. It only has two charges as opposed to the former one. The windup delay for the ability has also been decreased from 1.1 to 0.8 seconds. Moreover, the concuss duration has been increased from 3.0 to 3.5.

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