Valorant Duelist signature abilities ranked from worst to best (February 2024)

Yoru, Reyna and Jett (Image via Riot Games)
Yoru, Reyna and Jett (Image via Riot Games)

Duelists in Valorant possess self-reliant abilities designed for aggressive playstyles. The key to maximizing their effectiveness is securing early eliminations to give your team the upper hand. Although not all Duelists have found equal success in casual and professional play, they remain the most favored category in Valorant due to their engaging abilities and potential to impact the outcome of a match when wielded adeptly.

This article will rank all the Valorant Duelist's signature abilities from worst to best.

Ranking Valorant Duelists' signature abilities

7) Double Tap

ISO Double Tap ability and shield (Image via Riot Games)
ISO Double Tap ability and shield (Image via Riot Games)

ISO's signature ability, Double Tap, sets him apart as a duelist in Valorant, offering a unique mechanic emphasizing precise aim. Upon activation, Double Tap initiates ISO's flow state, unlocking his potential to create energy orbs by eliminating or harming adversaries.

These orbs, when shot, grant ISO a protective shield capable of absorbing a single instance of damage from any source. Unlike many other signature abilities in Valorant, Double Tap does not recharge over time or with kills.

Despite its static nature, the ability's simplicity and potential for strategic play make it a valuable asset in ISO's arsenal. However, while Double Tap provides a unique mechanic, its limitations are evident. For instance, the shield it provides can be easily broken by enemy fire or abilities, and its lack of recharge means ISO must carefully choose when to activate it for maximum impact.

6) High Gear

Neon sliding using High Gear ability (Image via Valorant)
Neon sliding using High Gear ability (Image via Valorant)

Neon's signature ability, High Gear, can instantly boost her movement speed and jump distance, providing her unparalleled agility. What sets High Gear apart is its flexibility, as Neon can deactivate and reactivate the speed boost at will, allowing her to adapt to different situations on the fly. Additionally, the ability to slide is game-changing in Valorant's tactical battlefield.

However, mastering Neon and her High Gear ability is no easy feat. While it offers incredible advantages, it also demands a high level of mechanical skill and control to utilize its potential fully. Neon players must carefully manage their energy pool, as the ability consumes it while active. This requires strategic timing and resource management.

5) Hot Hands

Phoenix's Hot Hands (Image via Riot Games)
Phoenix's Hot Hands (Image via Riot Games)

Phoenix launches a fireball that explodes upon contact with a flat surface. The explosion creates a zone of damage that rapidly expands in a circular pattern from the point of impact. Once the zone reaches an area where an agent is standing, they begin taking damage.

However, if Phoenix steps into the fiery area, he will heal instead, gaining a total of 50 HP throughout the ability. While Phoenix's Hot Hands ability may not offer substantial healing compared to other agents, its versatility is undeniable. The limited range of the fireball restricts its effectiveness in covering larger areas, which can hinder its use in initiating attacks on a site.

4) Gatecrash

Yoru's Gatecrash in a Valorant cinematic (Image via Riot Games)
Yoru's Gatecrash in a Valorant cinematic (Image via Riot Games)

The Gatecrash ability allows Yoru to equip and deploy a rift tether for teleportation or to create a fake teleportation effect. Once equipped, the rift tether can be sent forward or placed discreetly as Yoru advances. Yoru has 20 seconds to activate the ability, which teleports him to the tether's location upon activation. This teleportation can be used to surprise enemies from behind or to retreat to safety.

The advantages of this ability include its disruptive nature, as it can confuse opponents regarding Yoru's location, especially when combined with his Blindside ability. Furthermore, Gatecrash enhances Yoru's map control and site retaking capabilities. However, opponents can spot Gatecrash, potentially leading Yoru into disadvantageous situations.

3) Tailwind

Jett's Tailwind ability empowers her with temporary speed and the ability to dash upon reactivation. This charge resets after every two kills, granting her exceptional mobility. Tailwind enables her to swiftly engage enemies on attack rounds and disengage from unfavorable gunfights on defense. Its utility extends to quick repositioning, allowing Jett to peek at angles and retreat before opponents can retaliate.

Tailwind's versatility is showcased in Jett's ability to swiftly maneuver through the map, making aggressive pushes on attack rounds and evading danger on defense. Despite undergoing significant nerfs in patches 4.08 and 7.04, which introduced a wind-up time and reduced the ability's duration to 7.5 seconds, Tailwind remains a potent tool in Jett's arsenal, solidifying her impact as a Duelist in the game.

2) Paint Shells

Raze Paint Shells (Image via Valorant)
Raze Paint Shells (Image via Valorant)

Raze's Paint Shells is a signature ability in Valorant that equips her with a cluster grenade. Upon casting Paint Shells, she throws the grenade, which explodes after a set amount of time.

After detonating, the grenade deals damage and creates sub-munitions, each of which damages anyone in their range. Four more grenades are released, and they detonate once they have fallen to the ground after a brief delay. Each of these additional grenades deals the same damage as the original grenade.

This ability can effectively pressure opponents and cause significant damage, particularly in tight spaces, corridors, or alleys. It is an excellent ability for punishing enemies who are caught in unfavorable positions, and it can also be used for zoning or buying time.

1) Devour and Dismiss

Reyna is defined by her unique abilities, Devour and Dismiss, which are linked to her Soul Orb mechanic. These skills highlight her independent nature and demand a high skill level to master.

Devour allows Reyna to heal rapidly by consuming a Soul Orb dropped by defeated enemies, boosting her survivability in combat. Dismiss lets her escape danger by becoming intangible, and when combined with her ultimate ability, Empress, grants her temporary invisibility, enhancing her evasive tactics.

Despite criticism for her limited team support, Reyna's strong abilities make her a formidable Duelist, sparking discussions about her competitive viability and cementing her status as one of Valorant's most intriguing agents. Overall, Reyna's kit revolves around securing eliminations and enabling her aggressive playstyle by providing sustenance and secure repositioning.

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