Valorant Champions 2022 collection: Price, release date, and more

Valorant Champions 2022 Collection (Image via Riot)
Valorant Champions 2022 Collection (Image via Riot)

Valorant Champions is the crown jewel of Riot's competitive FPS title's calendar year. Champions 2021 brought with it a plethora of cosmetic goodies, including Twitch drops, gun buddies, and exclusive bundles. Riot recently revealed a similar plan for this year's Champions and players are surely excited about getting their hands on new items.

After a long season of hard work and struggles on the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT), sixteen professional teams from around the world have secured their berths at the mega event to stake a claim for the coveted championship title. This year will mark the second iteration of the tournament since it began in 2021, which was won by Acend.

Similar to the exclusive skin bundle of Champions 2021, the 2022 premier tournament will also feature such a collection. This article provides readers with the price, release date and more for the same.

A brief overview of the relevant information regarding Champions 2022 Collection bundle for Valorant players

The Champions 2022 collection will be available in the in-game store from August 23 to September 18. It has a similar setup to last year's bundle with one gun skin and a melee skin, except this time, it is a Phantom cosmetic instead of a Vandal one. Furthermore, the Champions 2022 Collection will also feature a butterfly knife.

The upcoming weapon skins (Image via Riot)
The upcoming weapon skins (Image via Riot)

The bundle will feature the following items:

  • Champions 2022 Phantom
  • Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife
  • Champions 2022 Gun Buddy
  • Champions 2022 Player Card
  • Champions 2022 Spray

Riot priced the entire bundle at 6265 Valorant Points (VP), which is marginally more than what last year's Champions bundle cost. Individual prices of the Phantom and the Butterfly Knife have not yet been revealed, but if last year's prices are anything to go by, they will cost 2675 VP and 5350 VP respectively.

Valorant Champions 2022 skins will also feature the Champion's Aura, which triggers a gold glowing outline when the weapon's wielder has the most kills in the game. This time around, the skin even evolves with every 5 kills, maxing out at 25 kills, and red crystal shards incrementally fill the weapon.

Similar to last year, 50% of the net proceeds from the Champions 2022 collection will be shared amongst the participating teams and the bundle will not return to the in-game rotating store or Night Market. The former option allows players to show their support for their team while also purchasing the limited edition skins.

Valorant Champions 2022 will be held from August 31 to September 18 in Istanbul among the 16 qualified teams divided into four groups. Fans are sure to be treated to some high-octane and exhilarating matches, with only one team reigning supreme when the dust finally settles.

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