Act II timing guide for Controller Agents in Valorant

Image Via Riot Games
Image Via Riot Games
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Controller Agents in Valorant are exceptional at cutting off sightlines while their teams push sites.

With this responsibility, it’s essential to know the timing of abilities to be used to their maximum potential.

Controller Agents should know exactly how long their abilities last and how long it takes for their abilities to be put into effect. Smokes are useless if the team rushes to their death before the smoke even reaches the ground.

Of all the Agent classes in Valorant, Controller Agents require the most awareness of timing.

Timing guide for Controllers in Valorant Act II

Reddit user, peakyboi7, posted a guide detailing how long abilities take to activate fully. r/Valorant has been a good forum for dialogue about the game.

#1 - Brimstone

Image Via Riot Games
Image Via Riot Games

Brimstone mains rejoiced as Valorant Episode II introduced a buff to Brimstone. His kit now has longer-lasting smoke, a Molotov, and Stim Beacon.

His Sky Smokes last longer than any other smokes in Valorant. The smoke will land after about two seconds and last for 19.25 seconds. He’s able to purchase three in total, and they can all be placed simultaneously.

Brimstone’s Incendiary, which shoots a Molotov, can do massive amounts of damage to enemies. Upon landing, the Incendiary will last eight seconds. Any Brimstone player that has a few molly lineups up their sleeve will be a nightmare for opponents.

Stim Beacon will allow Brimstone and his teammates to have increased combat power for 12 seconds. Players will shoot faster, reload faster, swap weapons faster, and even recover from recoil faster.

Lastly, Brimstone’s ultimate ability, Orbital Strike, can severely alter any round. Once activated, the selected area will be dealt with heavy damage for four seconds.

With long smokes and lots of stalling power, Brimstone is a great Controller Agent in Valorant.

#2 - Omen

Image Via Riot Games
Image Via Riot Games

Unlike Brimstone, Omen’s kit received a nerf to open Episode II. Although his kit wasn’t necessarily overpowered, developers believed it wasn’t economically demanding. Additionally, his pick rate compared to his Controller Agent counterparts was very high.

Omen’s smoke ability and Dark Cover last a total of 14.25 seconds. They do replenish every 35 seconds.

Paranoia, which allows Omen to blind players, will affect enemies for 2.5 seconds. The blind also decreases audio for affected opponents.

From the Shadows, omen’s ultimate ability allows him to select a location on the map to teleport to. He can cancel the ultimate if he feels enemies are on to him or if he wants to fake an enemy out. Once activated, it takes about four seconds to teleport fully.

Although he was slightly nerfed, many people still prefer him as their Controller Agent. When it comes to outplay potential in Valorant, Omen is unmatched. Replenishing Smokes can accommodate teams that like to rotate to other sites frequently.

#3 - Viper

Image Via Riot Games
Image Via Riot Games

Viper’s abilities in Valorant all require timing awareness. Her kit requires a bit of a learning curve, which may be responsible for her lower pick rate.

Viper’s Toxic Screen works like a wall, blocking enemy vision. On full fuel, Toxic Screen can last 15 seconds before running out. Her Poison Cloud, which is a throwable ability, works similar to a smoke. It runs on the same timer as her Toxic Screen.

Snake Bite both deals damage and makes enemies vulnerable to double damage. It lasts for eight seconds total, which can be used to stall pushes or retakes.

Lastly, Viper’s ultimate, Viper’s Pit, reduces the maximum health and vision of enemies engulfed inside. It lasts until she is killed, or if she is outside of it for 15 seconds.

Each Controller Agent in Valorant has a few advantages over the others. Additionally, such Agents require one-way smoke lineups, molly lineups, and other skills. The timing awareness required to utilize controllers effectively remains consistent.

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