VCT Masters Shanghai new format allows top-seeded teams to handpick Playoff opponents

VCT Masters Shanghai 2024 gets a new format.
VCT Masters Shanghai 2024 gets a new format (Image via Riot Games)

In an exciting turn of events, VCT Masters Shanghai will grant top-seeded teams the power to choose their Playoffs opponents. This radical change from random matchups is sure to change the strategic backdrop of the entire tournament, and Shanghai Masters is definitely going to see some rather unique matchups owing to this new revelation.

In this article, we will explore the intricacies of the new format, what it means for the teams, and how it affects the VCT Masters Shanghai in general.

All changes in VCT Masters Shanghai's format

VCT Masters Shanghai is set to bring in a unique twist to its matchups, by deciding to have the 12 participating teams compete in a Swiss-system format. In this, the following rules are used:

Basics of the Swiss format:

  • Non-elimination: Unlike single or double elimination, everyone plays all rounds regardless of wins or losses.
  • Fixed number of rounds: There's a predetermined number of rounds, less than a round-robin where everyone plays everyone else.
  • Dynamic pairings: After each round, players are paired with others who have similar scores (wins and losses).

Furthermore, the tournament will also introduce a new system where the top-seeded teams will be able to choose their opponents for the Playoffs stages. Valorant Esports Strategy Lead, Bill Pan, said in the video:

"We're also going to be introducing a new twist to our playoff format, an opportunity for our top seeds to pick their opponents. The top four seeds who won the ILs will take direct control of their tournament destiny by getting to choose their playoff opponent."

The four top-seeded teams who won the ILs will be able to choose their own opponents for the Playoffs stages, right after the Swiss stage. Fans should see some "spicy, spicy picks, and trash talk" coming from this selection and the stage in general.

VCT Masters Shanghai 2024 will take place immediately after the VCT Americas Finals, giving players and teams little to no time to take a break. Meanwhile, fans can enjoy back-to-back action of the highest levels in Valorant.

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Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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