"We have the capacity to go even further than Global Esports" - Revenant Esports' new Head Coach Malix has high hopes for the budding Valorant roster

Former Cerberus Esports coach Malix has joined India
Former Cerberus Esports coach Malix has joined India's Revenant Esports as head coach ahead of VCT 2023 (Image via Revenant Esports)

Top Indian organization Revenant Esports recently welcomed the brilliant Yoon "Malix" Kyung-ho as the Head Coach for their Valorant roster. The South Korean mentor was previously associated with the successful Vietnamese esports team Cerberus Esports. A former CS:GO semi-pro athlete, Malix shifted to professional coaching in Valorant soon after the game was launched in 2020.

We are delighted to welcome Yoon “Malix” Kyung-Ho (@MalixVLR) as the Head Coach of our Valorant Roster.#BeRevenant #RevenantEsports #RNT

Revenant Esports has been enjoying a buff in the past few tournaments, especially after the team was revamped slightly with Jay "BADlove" Patil's addition.

The team has showcased extreme promise against some of the top contenders in the SEA/SA region in the erstwhile TEC Challengers Series 9 and Valorant India Invitational's first phase. With Malix's wholesome experience in the mix, Revenant Esports will definitely stand stronger in the upcoming tournaments.

Revenant Esports' new Valorant coach Malix talks about joining a top Indian esports organization, his past experiences, and his future plans

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Esports' Sharmila Ganguly, Revenant Esports' head coach, Yoon "Malix" Kyung-ho, spoke about his new venture. He also shared an interesting take on Valorant's new partnership program and his plans with Revenant Esports in VCT 2023.

Q: Congratulations on your new venture with Revenant Esports. How does it feel to be associated with one of India’s fastest-growing esports organizations?

Malix: It feels great, and I believe that Revenant Esports will be the next stepping stone for me to grow as a professional esports coach.

Q: From a CS:GO athlete to a Valorant coach, your journey must have been quite eventful. Tell us a bit about your initial days in esports and your evolution so far.

Malix: I started playing CS:GO semi-pro but never made it far, as there was very little competition, but all the top slots were reserved for top tiers. But when Valorant came out, I took a chance and ran with it. Now, I'm here as the head coach of Revenant Esports.

Delight to be apart of the SA Scene, time to show them why SA needs more slots in franchise LFG!! 🔥🔥🔥…

Q: Revenant Esports hosts one of the strongest teams in the Indian Valorant scene. They have defeated some of the top Asian teams in the erstwhile TEC Challengers Series 9 and also showcased a formidable performance in the first phase of the Valorant India Invitational. What are your expectations from the team going forward?

Malix: From what I see, we have the capacity to go even further than Global Esports and be the best in the region.

We win our Group Finals (2-1) against God Squad (Global Esports) in the Valorant India Invitational.#BeRevenant #RevenantEsports #RNT

Q: Your new team is looking forward to improving its weaknesses under your guidance. Anything you have noticed so far that you would like to work on?

Malix: Based on my expertise, I will improve on the players' mentality, teamwork, and strategy going forward so that they can stand one-on-one against some of the best teams in APAC.

Clip from Today's match against @XERXIAESPORTS 🥰

Q: Valorant esports has now embraced franchising through its partnership program. What are your thoughts on it? How do you think this program will affect T2 and T3 scenes in India and beyond?

Malix: I feel like the competition will be more fierce. But I believe this is a good direction for the game and the scene to grow. T2 and T3 often yield some of the best players. For me, they are golds and diamonds waiting for their moment to shine.

Q: Any plans on pushing your team through the barriers of international leagues and making it beyond Ascension 2023?

Malix: There are some changes that are imminent, but for now, I can't say much. We still have a few tournaments before Ascension. But I can tell you that the changes that are coming will surely surprise everyone.

Q: You are a former esports athlete yourself. How did your experience in the field as an athlete help you with taking up the mentor role?

Malix: I gained good experience as a player, but I was never able to push beyond my peak. I know how to improve and the correct way to help people improve, so making the decision to switch was the right choice.

Q: What made you choose the path to coaching in Valorant esports? Why not any other FPS title?

Malix: I chose to be a coach because, at some point in my career, I felt like I won't be able to go further than my peak. With all the experience and creativity I have, I want to use that to push myself even further. Plus, I love teaching.

As to why I chose to coach Valorant, it’s because when the game came out, I saw the potential and the creativity in terms of strategy that can be yielded from all the different agent abilities.

Q: What is your preferred Agent-based in-game role in Valorant? Any favorite Agent?

Malix: I prefer Initiator or Sentinel Agents. In CS:GO, I used to be the lurker and IGL for the team. I love lurking and also giving information when I push with my teammates. My favorite Agent has to be Cypher because maybe I’m just a rat at heart.

Guess I'm a filthy peeping tom 🤷‍♂️

Q: What do you expect from the Valorant esports scene in India, especially after the partnership program? Any tips you want to give to young athletes looking to grow in this scenario?

Malix: I expect nothing but the best. India has some of the most dedicated fans there are. I can't wait to see what the future holds.

For young players, I would suggest they try to be open-minded, learn what they can, develop their own style, and be more unique than everyone else.

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