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Player rebuild Valorant map in Minecraft

Valorant Ascent in Minecraft bImage by @GlentexGaming
Valorant Ascent in Minecraft bImage by @GlentexGaming
Modified 07 Jan 2021, 21:57 IST

A Minecraft player has undertaken a project to build the Valorant map Ascent from the ground up in Minecraft.

Riot Games’ Valorant has become a fan-favorite within months. To express the admiration, Glentex has undertaken a project to remake a Valorant map in Minecraft. He has been uploading his progress timelapse videos on youtube. Currently, according to the latest update on 6th January, his build is about 85% done.

Valorant Ascent rebuild on Minecraft

Since its debut on Episode 1 : Ignition: Act 1, Ascent has become one of the fan-favorite maps in Valorant. It’s a well balanced three-lane design map. The majority of the engagement takes place in the mid courtyard. The map is based on Venice, Italy.

Glentex Gaming decided to rebuild the entire Ascent map in Minecraft. He has been uploading videos of his steady progress since August 2020. Most recently, he posted the fifth timelapse video of his progress on his youtube channel. According to the last update over on Reddit, His build is 85% finished.

Minecraft, a game by a then relatively unknown studio called Mojang, debuted back in 2009. It is essentially a sandbox survival game with the freedom to create anything imaginable. Since its launch, there have been multiple mods, which have given players the ability to build many more things. 


Not long after it’s debut on Episode1: Act 1, Glentex decided to build the entire Valorant Map Ascent in Minecraft. He has uploaded five videos till now, starting from August.

He is assisted by @ArchitektPingu and @xKawayyy. The project is being built as a part of Builder’s Refuge, a community of Minecraft builders who use different games as their aspiration.

Ascent 85% done on Minecraft Image by Glentex Gaming
Ascent 85% done on Minecraft Image by Glentex Gaming

This Valorant Ascent Map is in no way Glentex’s build. In fact, he has several videos of multiple different Minecraft builds. His builds are extremely detail-oriented and a visual treat for anyone.

For the Minecraft build of Valorant map Ascent, Glentex started by building a base. His second video focuses on his build of B-Main and B-site, while his third video looks into the Defenders- spawn. His fourth video is the timelapse of B-link and mid. His latest video, the fifth one, focuses on the Attackers-spawn area.


In reply to his Reddit post, Glentex has promised that the map would be downloadable once the build is finished. It could be fascinating to play a Valorant match on this particular build of Ascent with Mods in Minecraft. As the build is 85% finished, it won’t be long until it’s accessible.

Published 07 Jan 2021, 21:57 IST
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