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Riot Games developer explains Valorant ranked MMR

Current Valorant Ranks Image by Riot Games
Current Valorant Ranks Image by Riot Games
Modified 08 Jan 2021

Riot Games’ Senior Competitive designer EvrMoar broke down the current Valorant MMR in simple terms in reply to a recent post on r/VALORANT.

Recently, a Reddit user posted his experience of encountering players who do not represent their rank properly in Valorant's ranked mode. In response, EvrMoar discussed the recent changes to the MMR system in Valorant.

The Valorant Match Making Rank

MMR or Match Making Rank is essentially a point system to determine a player’s skill level. Ranks are assigned to a player based on their MMR. A player’s MMR is affected by ranked mode only. The Average Combat Score is assigned based on the player’s performance in a ranked mode match. The Average Combat Score has been accused of being biased towards duelists.

Redditor u/hardstuckbabe recently posted his experience in ranked matches. He discussed how he has been facing opponents of lower rank, even though the MMR system exists to match up players with similar skill levels. He said: 

Bronze and gold aren't huge ranks apart but there are noticeable differences if you play in each rank. But I'm getting those bronze players in almost all of my games, it's almost ridiculous how bad these now "golds" are.

In response, EvrMoar gave a detailed breakdown of the MMR system. He explained that the recent changes have only moved up the cut off for lower ranks. Essentially, the brackets for lower ranks were reduced in order to reduce the number of lower-ranked players. He explains:

Think of it this way. I'm using made-up numbers for this. So let’s say you have a matchmaking rating(MMR) of 450. Before the change, we said, "You are Iron 2 if you are between 400-500 MMR." Turns out, iron 2 had too many players in it, we overestimated how many players would end up at that 400-500 MMR. So to fix it we now say "You are in Iron 2 if you are between 400-420 MMR, and Iron 3 421-480 MMR, etc." The player that is 450 MMR would go from Iron 2 to Iron 3, without actually changing their skill/MMR. Because MMR is a reflection of the player’s skill, that number didn't change.

He goes on to discuss further how the MMR still matches players with similar skill levels. All players up to Platinum have been affected by this recent shift. 


The Ranking system was recently also addressed during an Ask Valorant session. Over on that discussion, further change to the ranking system was assured with Episode 2. This could have hinted towards a completely new ranking system.

Players have been unsatisfied with the rank distribution in Valorant for quite a while. EvrMoar’s open discussion regarding the MMR system has put a lot of minds at ease. Players are looking forward to the assured balance as well as the rumored Ranking system rework in Episode 2.

Published 08 Jan 2021, 01:45 IST
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