Riot Games introduces Neptune skin bundle for Valorant: Release date, expected price and more

Valorant introduces a new aquarium-themed premium skin line called the Neptune collection (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant introduces a new aquarium-themed premium skin line called the Neptune collection (Image via Riot Games)

Riot Games has always been creative with Valorant ever since its release to the PC platform in June 2020. In the upcoming 4.10 patch update, the game still manages to add in new cosmetics and will be focusing on the aquatic theme this time around.

To give players cosmetics based on their set aquatic theme, Riot Games will be introducing the Neptune skin bundle, which will feature weapon skins for the in-game arsenal.

Pick up the Neptune bundle before it sets sail. Available in your shop tomorrow.

Based on the revealed information, this new collection will arrive with the next update and will be available in the store in the coming week. So, to give players a deeper insight into what to expect from this bundle, this article will cover the expected price, along with a focus on its weapons and more.

Everything known about Valorant’s upcoming Neptune skin bundle

Just like every other skin bundle in Valorant, the Nepture collection will be bringing skins for a few specific weapons and a couple more things. The following are all the rewards available in the brand new skin collection:

  • Spectre weapon skin
  • Guardian weapon skin
  • Shorty weapon skin
  • Vandal weapon skin
  • Unique anchor-shaped melee
  • Sailor compass gun buddy

In an official post made by Riot Games, the developers specifically urged players to get ready for "Aquarium week." They literally brought a portable aquarium with their new skinline.

Something special's bubbling up in VALORANT. Get ready for Aquarium week.

If the theme is carefully assessed, the new skinline incorporates aquariums inside the weapon's body, which comes in two different body colors, white and black. Within each weapon's body, the upper portion of the Neptune skin holds a miniature aquarium where fish are swimming.

Apart from the aquarium theme, the skinline also focuses on the sailor theme, making use of the colors white, black, and yellow like in typical uniforms. The Neptune weapon bundle’s Anchor melee makes it even more obvious as they are used to dock ships in a certain position.

Coming to the availability part, the Neptune skin bundle will be available in Valorant on May 25, 2022, and will be present in the store for a while after its release. So those who wish to buy this new bundle can get it from the store. Furthermore, it can be acquired later when the skin comes back again in store rotations.

Neptune collection (codenamed "Aquarium"):- Neptune Vandal- Neptune Shorty- Neptune Guardian- Neptune Spectre- Neptune AnchorUpgradable and has one variant called "Black".

Riot Games hasn’t made any statement regarding the pricing of the new bundle, however, some ideas about it can be chalked out. From a cursory glance, the weapon bundle seems to be a Premium one and has all the enticing perks.

Hence, it can be expected that each weapon skin will be available at a cost of 1775 VP or 7100 VP for the entire bundle if players wish to buy it after release. A separate melee weapon might cost a bit more than other weapon skins, but it has been consistent across every other weapon skin bundle.

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