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Riot Games pranks Valorant player base with April Fools patch notes

Riot trolls players on April Fools day (Image from Riot Games)
Riot trolls players on April Fools day (Image from Riot Games)
Modified 01 Apr 2021

Riot Games has released a hilarious patch note for Valorant players to commemorate April Fool's day and prank its user base.

It is a treat every year on April 1st because the developers leave no stone unturned in pranking players with outrageous patch notes, announcements, or meme game modes.

This was the first Valorant April Fool's prank since its launch on June 2, 2020. Riot Games seized the opportunity to troll the booming user base of this increasingly popular game.

The patch notes featured ridiculous Agent buffs, map updates, competitive changes, and more. It was so outrageous that it was impossible to believe most of it.

This article will go over the meme-worthy April 1st patch notes released by Riot Games for Valorant.

Valorant's April Fools day patch notes

To start, the notes indicated that developers changed several flash and smoke abilities.


Phoenix could throw his flash in various new ways. Although there’s no mention of the flash doing anything different, there could be multiple ways of throwing his Curve Ball.

According to the notes, Phoenix could throw the flash behind his back, over his head, and in-between his legs. The text accompanying Phoensaid that,

“I felt that the Phoenix flash was a bit inferior to the other agents, so I pursued an original use.”

Secondly, Brimstone's Sky Smoke ability changed. The smoke duration was extended to 100 seconds from 20 in the prank notes. The flavor text said that,

“The extension of the smoke duration that I went to Brimstone before was well received, so I decided to extend it even more boldly this time.”

For Breach, whose name was mischievously spelled "Bleach" in the patch notes, developers changed the flash ability into being cooldown-based instead of charge-based.

According to the prank patch notes, the cooldown would be of five seconds. Breach could potentially use his flash 20 times in one round.

The flavor text said that,

“I felt that the continuous flash of Breach was too high performance, so I gave the enemy player some room to peep during the continuous flash.”

In addition to these Agent changes, developers also mentioned changing all melee weapons into toothpicks to "tighten hitboxes."

In the comedic notes, real-time ray-tracing reflection effects were added to Split’s sewer puddles.

The notes also mentioned abolishing all ranks in Valorant, justifying it as players feeling less stressed if everyone belonged in the same rank.

In a later part, it also mentions that Prime Vandal would be removed from Valorant since it is too strong. A free matte black weapon skin set was added.


Obviously, these notes are a prank. However, it will be interesting to see some of these changes implemented into live servers.

Keeping up with the theme of pranks, the Riot Vanguard Twitter handle also announced that Vanguard is going open source.

Published 01 Apr 2021, 15:06 IST
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