Riot Games releases Valorant Champions 2021 official theme song, 'Die For You'

Valorant Champions 2021 theme song, 'Die For You' (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant Champions 2021 theme song, 'Die For You' (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant Champions 2021 is all set to kick start on December 1, and Riot Games has already dropped the first-ever official theme song for the tournament, 'Die For You', today.

Riot Games have followed a similar tradition of releasing an anthem for League of Legends' Worlds to build up the hype. 2021 is the first year of the Valorant Champions Tour, and fans are eagerly waiting for the final showdown in early December.


Sixteen teams from all across the globe came to Berlin, Germany, for the year's last Valorant LAN tournament, organized by Riot Games. In honor of that, they dropped the 'Die For You', which is produced, written, and sung by the American EDM artist Nicholas “Grabbitz” Chiari.

'Die For You' is the first-ever Valorant Champions theme song

'Die For You' is the first-ever official theme song in Valorant esports, produced ahead of Champions 2021. The animated music video features four Valorant agents - Brimstone, Sage, Pheonix, and Chamber at Ascent's B Site.

When Chamber holds the site with an operator, the three defenders, Brimstone, Sage, and Pheonix, enter the site from B Main and try for a retake. As Phoenix pushes the site with his ultimate activated, Brimstone and Sage look staggered.

The plot then switches and focuses on the three agents, individually portraying their struggles and the way they overcome them. Soon it gets back to the initial scene, where all three defending agents push their limits to defuse the spike.

The 'Die For You' music video reflects the retake and clutch situations that are often seen in any Valorant match, touching the hearts of many fans and players.

🔻DIE FOR YOU🔻Some incredibly powerful imagery in this new mv. The animation is beautiful. These themes being presented for the featured Agents fall in line with what we’ve learned about them. Going to do a deep dive on this once I’m off of work. | #VALORANT

Riot Games has previously collaborated with several music artists before, especially Zedd in Valorant. However, this collaboration with Grabbitz brought the first-ever Champions music video into Valorant's esport history. He is one of the top record producers, songwriters, and DJs. Grabbitz has previously worked with OneRepublic, Pegboard Nerds, Deadmau5, and more.

With a few days left before the Valorant Champions 2021 starts, 'Die For You' will definitely bring up the hype among fans all over the globe.

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