Riot introduces a new system to revert AFK bans for server instabilities with the latest Valorant Patch 3.03

A new system to revert Valorant AFK Bans (Image via Riot)
A new system to revert Valorant AFK Bans (Image via Riot)

Riot released Valorant Patch 3.03 yesterday and made some important changes to the game with this new update.

Aside from the bug fixes of Viper's ultimate, players will get to see some gameplay updates such as crosshair settings, map updates, network updates, and many more. Riot will also introduce a new system to revert the AFK bans for server instabilities.

AFK penalties accrued due to outage of Valorant servers will be reverted

Riot has taken some major steps in the early stages to keep the game enjoyable for the players. AFK penalties are part of that process.

Usually, a player is banned from playing the game after leaving prematurely. If a player stays disconnected in almost every game then Riot increases the tenure of the ban.

However, Valorant servers, especially Mumbai servers, have faced some major issues in recent times. Players have faced the “game disconnection issues” while playing a match. This issue has occurred multiple times over the last month.

Due to disconnection, some players have also been given the AFK ban as per the rules of the game which was very frustrating. However, Riot responded quickly to the issue and released a statement with a promise to revert the AFK ban.

"Hey, we're still chasing the cause of the recent outages. In the meantime, If you believe you’ve accrued AFK penalties due to these outages, please contact player support to see if you can have your AFK penalties reverted."

However, with the upcoming Valorant Patch 3.03, the developers have found a permanent solution to this issue. Riot is going to introduce a new system which will help to revert any AFK ban applied in the event of unexpected server instability.

Added a system that enables us to automatically revert any AFK penalties applied to you in the event of unexpected server instability

This is great news for Valorant players as they no longer need to lodge complaints regarding AFK penalties which have stemmed from erratic server outages.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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