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Riot reveals lore behind Yoru's secret origins in Valorant

A lot of mystery has surrounded Yoru’s origin (Image by Riot Games)
A lot of mystery has surrounded Yoru’s origin (Image by Riot Games)
Modified 23 Jan 2021

Recently, Riot Games posted some interactive quizzes on the Valorant Instagram handle, revealing new information about Yoru’s origins.

Yoru is the 14th Valorant agent, introduced with Episode 2 Act 1. He is a duelist originating from Japan, and there is a lot of mystery surrounding his origin.

Riot’s series of Instagram stories asked a bunch of questions regarding Yoru. From details of his mask to his mission, these stories uncovered a lot about the agent’s origin.

Who is Valorant’s latest duelist, Yoru?

Yoru was first teased with a wallpaper featuring his silhouette. He was confirmed to be a duelist from Japan before his official debut. A few days before the official reveal, a leak provided his name, abilities, character battle pass, and lots of information about Episode 2 Act 1.

In the recent story, Valorant asked fans a few questions with one right answer. The questions were as follows:

Yoru’s mask gives him the ability to?

  • Traverse dimensions
  • See the future
  • Smell the enemy
  • See between dimensions (correct)

What were Yoru’s abilities inspired by?

  • Ferrofluid (correct)
  • Sea urchins
  • Porcupines
  • Lionfish

Where did Yoru grow up?

  • Nagasaki
  • Tokyo (correct)
  • Osaka
  • Fukuoka

What is Yoru searching for?

  • A worthy opponent
  • A lost ancestor (correct)
  • His lost dog
  • More power

Yoru’s mask is from which Japanese historical period?

  • Edo Period (correct)
  • Muromachi Period
  • Kamakura Period
  • Postwar Period

This quiz gave a lot of information regarding Yoru and his origin.

What is now known about Yoru?

The official Valorant Instagram account revealed a lot regarding Yoru. Following the thread of information, fans now know about his mask, his origin, and the inspiration behind his abilities.

Yoru’s mask is now confirmed to originate during the Edo Period, which lasted between 1603 and 1868. It grants him the ability to see between dimensions. 

Yoru grew up in Tokyo, possibly in the split, as hinted by one of his dialogues. He is currently looking for a lost ancestor who might be connected to the samurai in Icebox.


Yoru’s abilities were influenced by Ferrofluid, which is a liquid affected by magnetic poles. They are generally made of nanoscale ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic particles suspended in a carrier fluid, generally an organic solvent or water.

Yoru’s past and his future are interconnected with the mask. Maybe Valorant developers would drop more hints soon, though fans are eagerly trying to figure out the lore of Yoru.

Published 23 Jan 2021, 10:53 IST
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