Valorant Patch 3.08 update will potentially allow players to freely select and upgrade/downgrade skin levels

Valorant players will potentially be able to select skin levels after the Patch 3.08 update. (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant players will potentially be able to select skin levels after the Patch 3.08 update. (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant provides a unique range of weapon skins and in-game cosmetics designed with textures, VFX and sound effects which can be upgraded to different tier levels using Radianite Points (RP).

However, one major issue that was faced by the skin users was not being able to downgrade the skin back once it was upgraded to a higher level. This issue was one of the reasons why many didn't upgrade their skins as they thought that they might regret it later.

With Patch 3.08 you will be able to select which skin level you would like to equip. Variants are only equipped with the fully upgraded weapon. | #VALORANT

Recently, Mike, the popular Valorant dataminer (@ValorLeaks on Twitter), notified Valorant fans about the potentially upcoming "equipable skin levels" update in Patch 3.08. This update will allow the players to select the skin level they want to equip and upgrade or downgrade without any thought of regret.

Valorant players can potentially downgrade skin levels after Patch 3.08 update

The Patch 3.08 update will enable players to equip themselves with any skin level other than the variants. To unlock the skin variants, players need to select the highest skin level. This feature was also found on October 8, 2021, PBE (Public Beta Environment), which suggests that this might be in the next Valorant patch notes.

In a Reddit post on r/ValorantPBE, by u/Serileth, there was a mention of the "equipable skin levels" feature present in the recent PBE, which stated,

"You should be able to equip any skin level except on variants, which will always default to the max skin level."

Many skin users, especially the ones who have melee skins like Prime Karambit and recent RGX 11Z Pro Katana melee, would be able to enjoy the Level 1 skin after downgrading to it. They can later upgrade them to Level 2, as per their choice.

I would like to take this time and congratulate everyone who owns the Prime Karambit, as you can now finally downgrade the level.

The Valorant community is eager to have this feature available soon in the game. However, this feature won't make much difference to those players who like to stick to the highest skin level and enjoy the variants.

Nothing more about the feature has yet been officially revealed by Riot Games. As such, fans will have to wait until the Patch 3.08 update drops in Valorant, to get confirmation about this feature.

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