Valorant PBE 5.08 Easter egg sheds light on possible new map called ‘City of Flowers’

Astra and Harbor talk about a lost
Astra and Harbor talk about a lost 'City of Flowers' in Valorant's PBE 5.08 easter egg (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant's PBE 5.08 is currently letting players test the game's newest water-bending Agent, Harbor. However, the much-anticipated Indian character isn't the only special thing about this phase. Apparently, Riot Games updated the audio tape player in Cypher's office in the practice range with a new Easter egg that possibly hints at a new map.

Valorant's patch 5.07 uncovered important lore elements concerning Harbor through a "secret" audio tape. The upcoming update will now replace the recording with a new one, which features Astra and the Indian Agent conversing about the intriguing 'City of Flowers'.

Valorant may receive new map soon, considering Astra and Harbor's conversation


As the characters are heard speaking about a powerful artifact, Astra proclaims that it features a script written in the language of the 'Guardians', which is why Harbor's extensive scans against every known record yielded no results. Gamers learn she decoded four 'touchstone' words — 'Guardian', 'Flower', 'Gifts', and 'Key' — from the engravings using her mere knowledge of the language.

Astra goes on to explain how the word 'Lock' may point to something called the 'Nexus' or a lost city built by the Guardians. It's possible that Omega Earth's Legion already knows about the city that Harbor's relic could act as a 'Key' to. Astra also mentions that she has not come across such a city on Alpha Earth, for which Varun Batra has an explanation.


Harbor reveals that he studied the 'City of Flowers' as a REALM agent and was able to track it down. Unfortunately, by the time he reached the city, it was decimated and inexplorable, which prevented him from taking a closer look.

Astra quickly points out how the 'City of Flowers' could still be alive on Omega Earth, even though its Alpha Earth's counterpart was destroyed. `Harbor adds that his Omega counterpart can unlock the 'Nexus' or the lost city with his corresponding relic. The audio tape finally ends with Harbor and Astra looking to have a discussion with Killjoy regarding the relic unlocking the lost 'City of Flowers'.

From the looks of things, the audio tape was added to tease the Valorant fandom with tidbits about a new map possibly coming to the tactical shooter. In fact, one of the player cards featured in Episode 3 Act 5's battle pass showcases a Lotus, the national flower of India, on a beautiful background. It could be a representation of Harbor's arrival or a very intelligent hint at the 'City of Flowers'.

That said, Valorant's latest map, Pearl, was released only a few months back. The developers generally refrain from adding new maps very often to maintain a balance in the learning curve. In fact, Split was removed from the rotation to preserve a seven-map pool. This will supposedly make it easier for new players.

While the introductory hint of a second Omega Earth representation is exciting to think about, the developers are not expected to launch a new map before the first quarter of 2023. Fans will get to experience more Easter eggs regarding the 'City of Flowers' in the coming days.

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Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh