Valorant’s speculated Indian Agent is considered a fugitive whose lore is tied to Fade

Valorant’s new speculated Indian Agent (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant’s new speculated Indian Agent (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant is almost confirmed to get a new Indian Agent at this point, and Riot has been teasing it for a while now. It looks like the community is going to see something quite akin to what happened with Fade. She had a pretty long teaser period in the form of a story that was mostly bits and pieces that fans scrapped together from one-sided emails.

The devs at Riot Games have brought a diverse set of Agents from all over the world to Valorant. There are currently 19 Agents in the game and based on the recent leaks there's a possibility of a new Agent coming to the game.

Each character in Valorant has their own unique ability which can be used to their advantage. It will be interesting to see what abilities this new Agent gets shipped with. Riot has always been planning to introduce a draft mode just like DOTA 2, so it's important for them to keep releasing new Agents.

Varun Batra may be Valorant's first Indian-origin Agent

There have been a couple of leaks and teasers suggesting that there's a new Indian-origin Agent in the works. While the email has been used as an in-game object to expand on the game's lore and tease new content, it has always been pretty one-sided as an interactive object.

In a previous email, Fade spoke about the "Legion's new power source," named Varun Batra. Legion is a public operation on Omega Earth, and Fade has gathered some intel about their new recruit. The Turkish Initiator revealed more about Varun and his association with REALM, a multinational task force recovering historical artifacts from the black market trade.

In a new email from Captain Greaves, the new face talks about how long it has been since he contacted Fade and wishes that they could correspond under better circumstances.

He further stated that the Operative Batra is no longer employed with REALM. Varun is now a fugitive who has stolen a priceless artifact and is under investigation by REALM. The email also revealed Fade's name as Hazal Eyletmez, which is pretty unique considering the other Agent names.

Fans have already started speculating about Varun Batra and his abilities. The most believable one is where his name can be closely connected with the Hindu God "Varuna," the God of the Seas. This implies that the new Agent may have abilities that are based on water bending. This is quite possible since there isn't an Agent yet who has a toolkit based on water in Valorant.


This is a nice opportunity for Riot to strengthen their connection with the Indian fans, further expanding their playerbase. It is to be seen how well Riot can design the character. Fans will be hoping that the devs don't ship the Agent as a masked entity.

Riot has added several other Asian agents such as Jett (South Korea), Sage (China), Yoru (Japan), and Neon (Philippines) to Valorant's roster. The Indian agent's arrival will make him the fifth Asian on the roster, which will surely help Riot's Asian reach.

The leaks must be taken with a pinch of salt as Riot hasn't officially confirmed anything about the new Indian Agent as of now. However, there have been a lot of leaks that signal the arrival of a new Agent of Indian-origin in Valorant.

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