Valorant’s speculated upcoming map “The City of Flowers” might be inspired by Jaipur, India

Valorant's new map reportedly inspired by Jaipur, India (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant is getting ready for a major makeover with the upcoming update and the debut of a new Controller Agent, Harbor, whose details have already been released to the public. With the competitive queue coming to an end soon and drawing the curtain on Episode 5 Act 2, the community is preparing for the arrival of Act 3.

With Valorant’s upcoming Agent being of Indian origin, Riot Games is reportedly planning to introduce a map inspired by the Indian city of Jaipur. Interestingly, this could be one of the first maps directly referring to a real location and structuring the map's elements based on the actual city.

This article will look into the possibility of a new map of Indian origin after the introduction of an Indian Agent.

Valorant reportedly has more Indian inspirations for upcoming content

Riot Games regularly introduces new content in the form of weapon skins and bundles. The game also sees the addition of new Agents and maps in a more lengthened time period that, in turn, acts as another piece of the game’s lore.

A Twitter user, @valorantleaksEN, recently found new data in the game's files. A folder with the name of “Prol_Jaipur” features images of pamphlets with “Hindi” inscriptions. Jaipur is a large city in India that is well-known for its touristic nature, with prominent locations attracting people from all over the world.

Valorant's latest reference to the new map was found in the form of voice lines and a particular player card. The player card displays a large flower growing inside a ruined location and is named “Astral Conduit”, further connecting Harbor and Astra’s recorded conversation about a location called “The City of Flowers”.

Considering this information, we can speculate and try to uncover Riot’s message. Also known as the 'Pink City', Jaipur boasts various popular tourist locations, one of them being a large “Flower Market”.


Harbor’s prior knowledge of The City of Flowers further reveals that he has, in fact, seen it after making a comment about how the location has fallen into complete ruins. Connecting the dots, this player card could be a direct connection to the ruined City of Flowers.

The leaked in-game assets were found in a folder called “Prol_Jaipur”, which further points to a future map based on Jaipur’s actual geography and inspired structures from the city. The upcoming map is referred to as 'The City of Flowers', and Jaipur being the 'Pink City' with a famous flower market seems far too convenient to be a coincidence.

Riot Games has already announced Harbor's arrival with the upcoming update. Hinting at yet another major piece of content, a map inspired by real Indian locations, is bound to create hype within the subcontinent's Valorant community.


However, there has been no official confirmation yet and this is purely speculation. The final decision lies in the hands of the publishers and any information can only be confirmed after an official announcement or release. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more developments around Valorant’s new map as we will be covering stories around it regularly.

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