"Sentinel's gonna have a really hard time against KRÜ Esports": Team Liquid's ScreaM predicts group results for Valorant Champions 2021

Team Liquid's ScreaM on Valorant Champions 2021 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Team Liquid's ScreaM on Valorant Champions 2021 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant Champions 2021 is scheduled to begin next week from December 1 - December 12 and the hype and excitement around it is at an all-time high. Group divisions and the schedule have already been announced and the Valorant players are eagerly waiting to see their favorite team take center-stage.

Valorant Champions 2021 is the crowning event of the year-long VCT. North of ten thousand teams battled it out in regionals and Masters to earn the bragging rights of being one of the sixteen best teams in the world. The predictions from all around the world are already coming out and there are some exciting projections to look forward to.

Recently, Team Liquid's ScreaM predicted the teams he thinks will make it out of the Group stage.

ScreaM thinks these teams will make it into the Knockout stage of Valorant Champions 2021

Before leaving for Berlin, where he is participating with Team Liquid, ScreaM announced in his stream his predictions for this year's Valorant Champions Group stage. Readers can check this video from the 01:24:19 mark to catch his choices.

Group A

For the first match in Group A between Ascend and Keyd Stars, ScreaM chose Ascend. Between Envy and X10 CRIT, he selected the former to go into the winner's bracket.

ScreaM's Predictions for Group A (Image via ScreaM
ScreaM's Predictions for Group A (Image via ScreaM

ScreaM predicts a big matchup between the two winners as both of their teams with huge potential, with Envy being the potential winners. Between the two losers, he selected Keyd Stars to go on to face Ascend. The final matchup will be won by Ascend to become the second qualifier from Group A.

Predicted Qualifiers - Envy and Ascend.

Group B

For Group B, ScreaM's first two picks were quicker. He thinks both KRÜ Esports and FURIA will easily edge past their opponents. Between these two winners, ScreaM gives FURIA the win.

ScreaM's Predictions for Group B (Image via ScreaM)
ScreaM's Predictions for Group B (Image via ScreaM)

Between Team Liquid and Sentinels, ScreaM pits his team in the losing position as Sentinels moves ahead before KRÜ Esports stops them and becomes the second qualifier from Group B. Given Team Liquid is in the Group, his predictions must be taken with a grain of salt.

Predicted Qualifiers - KRÜ Esports and FURIA.

Group C

In the match between Gambit Esports and Team Secret, he picks Gambit Esports to go through. ScreaM thinks the match between Team Vikings and Crazy Raccoon will be an excellent and close game for Valorant players to watch. Team Vikings would emerge victoriously. Gambit Esports will win against Vikings to qualify first.

ScreaM's Predictions for Group C (Image via ScreaM)
ScreaM's Predictions for Group C (Image via ScreaM)

Between Team Secret and Crazy Raccoon, ScreaM thinks the latter will win to set up a rematch against Vikings. Vikings will again prevail in becoming the second qualifier from Group C into the Valorant Champions Knockout stage.

Predicted Qualifiers - Gambit Esports and Team Vikings.

Group D

To start, ScreaM picks Vision Strikers from their match against FULL SENSE. It is in the matchup between Fnatic and Cloud9 Blue that ScreaM thinks is a difficult one to predict. He chose Fnatic to go ahead and meet Vision Strikers, from which they will emerge as the first qualifier.

ScreaM Predictions for Group D (Image via ScreaM)
ScreaM Predictions for Group D (Image via ScreaM)

In the first elimination match between FULL SENSE and Cloud9 Blue, ScreaM predicts that Cloud9 Blue will fight through to a win. In the second elimination match, Cloud9 Blue will come up short against Vision Strikers.

Predicted Qualifiers - Fnatic and Vision Strikers.

The Champions 2021 Collection is landing and ready to kick off the hype. From November 24th - December 12th, 50% of net proceeds from the Champions 2021 Collection will go to participating teams. Items won't return to the Store or Night. Market.

Valorant Champions 2021's Group Stage will last till December 7. It remains to be seen how true ScreaM's predictions turn out to be.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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