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Shroud believes that if s1mple moves to Valorant “he’s going to make a f**k tonne of money”

Shroud feels that s1mple can make a lot of money if he decided to shift to Valorant
Shroud feels that s1mple can make a lot of money if he decided to shift to Valorant
Modified 26 Mar 2021

Valorant vs CS: GO debate is always a heated topic in the FPS community and it doesn’t look like it will die out anytime soon.

A few days ago, Na'Vi’s legendary CS: GO AWPer, Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev who started playing Valorant once again and commented that the game was quite easy and that the Operator was the worst weapon ever.

Though other Valorant stars like Lucas "Mendo" Håkansson and Tyson "TenZ" Ngo refuted s1mple’s take on the gun by saying that the Operator is balanced and the problem with it lies in how ranked solo queue works in the shooter.

Mendo believes that what makes the operator dominating is how ranked teams do not use smoke and flashes all that well. Hence, the issue is with the available agent kits and not how the sniper works in the game.

Apparently, this was the end of the drama regarding s1mple and him starting to play Valorant again. However, it seems that the popular streamer and former CS: GO pro Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has his own take on the matter as well.

Shroud feels that s1mple can make a lot of money if he decided to shift to Valorant


In one of his recent streams, Shroud opened up about how the Valorant esports scene has a lot of money up for grabs for the top professional players in the scene.

And as s1mple (as it can be clearly seen during his streams) feels that Valorant is comparatively much easier than CS: GO, Shroud suggests that the Na'Vi superstar can make more than his career earnings by playing Riot’s shooter for just one year.

During his stream, Shroud says,

“I think if he does (s1mple play Valorant) he’s going to make a f**k tonne of money. Valorant is on the climb for these pro players to make more money than they ever made in their whole career in CS, isn’t that crazy?
“Like, yeah, they’ve made $1 million, $2 million, hundreds of thousands of dollars or whatever, but the reason why people are eyeing it is because it is, quite literally, going to make these people who earned $1 million, $2 million in the five years they played, it could make them that in a year. Like, you could see Valorant pro players, in the next year or two, making a million or two in a year, that’s just a fact. You could see that, it could happen.”

Shroud and other former CS: GO pros have, over the years, felt that Valve’s negligence towards the competitive esports scene of the shooter has never allowed it to live up to its full potential.

He always wanted a similar game like CS: GO to tap into the market that the shooter never could, and Valorant is doing that. Shroud feels that when the Valorant esports starts to boom and blow up, “It’s going to be f**king nuts.”

s1mple is still the king of CS: GO, so him leaving Valve’s shooter at this point is not a plausible reality. However, a few years from now, it can be a completely different situation altogether.

Published 26 Mar 2021, 19:30 IST
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