Skyesports Valorant League 2020 Day 18 - Team Hyderabad defeats Team Delhi after a vicious fight

Image by Skyesports
Image by Skyesports
Satyaki Das

Day 18 of the Skyesports League 2020 featured the match between two of the strongest teams of the country - Team Hyderabad and Team Delhi. Team Hyderabad won with a score of 2-1 after a fierce best-of-three match.

Team Hyderabad experimented with a new agent lineup, which might have cost them particular maps. However, the third map was won by them after a short comeback in the later rounds.

Both teams displayed a strong fight, and the match was intense throughout.

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Team Hyderabad vs Team Delhi - Skyesports League 2020

Day 18 of Skyesports League started on the map Bind with Team Hyderabad picking up the initial two rounds in the Defensive side.

Team Delhi managed to win the next round; however, Team Hyderabad did not budge as they won the subsequent rounds, including the eco round.

The first-half was highly favourable towards Team Hyderabad as the score would go up as high as 10-2. Hellff had a wonderful game on the Omen, and it seemed like the experimentation of the lineup worked well.

The next half witnessed couple of mind games from the side of Team Delhi, led by psy. With his help, they managed to defend the sites successfully a handful of times. Rexy had a beautiful second-half as he came clutch with regular multi kills. Antidote also played exceptionally well on the Killjoy.

With Team Delhi pushing the scores to 7-11, Team Hyderabad gained momentum and snatched away their hopes by ending it with the score of 13-7.

Image by Skyesports
Image by Skyesports

The next map of Skyesports League 2020 was in Haven. Team Hyderabad, once again, switched its roles and chose agents that weren't expected of it.

Team Hyderabad comfortably won the initial three rounds, however, with a fierce three-kill clutch, Rexy stepped back into the game with a round win. The first-half was close, and ended with the score at 8-4.

The second-half started favourably for Team Delhi, with Rexy performing yet another three-kill clutch, and eventually brought the team back level at 8-8.

The next few rounds featured close fights and saw the score at 10-10 before Team Delhi fearlessly setup a post plant and successfully took the second map for themselves. SSSami had an unbelievable 27 kills in this map.

Image by Skyesports
Image by Skyesports

The third map of Day 18 of Skyesports League 2020 was Ascent. Team Hyderabad did not risk experimenting much in the last map, however, Team Hyderabad sniper Antidote chose Omen in this map.

The map started with Team Delhi winning the initial rounds and gaining an economic advantage. With scores 4-0 in favour of Delhi, Hyderabad stepped into the game. They managed to defend the sites successfully and brought the scores to level at 6-6 and ended an intense first-half.

The next half of Skyesports League 2020 Day 18 map 3 was favoured towards Team Hyderabad as they took a 10-7 lead. With an unbelievable play, psy managed to take down three men with the operator while under pressure, and got the score to 12-11 in Team Delhi's favour.

IGL Amaterasu from Team Hyderabad did not give in, fearlessly making some clutch plays in the last round and being rewarded with three kills, taking the map to overtime.

The overtime did not last long, as Rite2Ace performed some breathtaking kills with the Phantom and ended the match with a score of 14-12 in Team Hyderabad's favour.

Image by Skyesports
Image by Skyesports

While Team Hyderabad had already qualified for the semifinals of Skyesports League 2020, this win helped Team Bengaluru gain an advantage. This makes Team Bengaluru the third semifinalists of Skyesports League 2020.

The individual leaderboard of Skyesports League 2020 still remains the same, with Deathmaker sitting at the top.

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