Skyesports Valorant League 2021 Day 5 Punjab Pinnacles face their second defeat at the hands of Rajasthan Strikers

Skyesports Valorant League day 5 concluded (Screengrab from Skyesports league)
Skyesports Valorant League day 5 concluded (Screengrab from Skyesports league)
Subhradeep "Bucketbaba" Mukherjee

Day 5 of Skyesports Valorant League 2021 featured yet another straight flush of a series between Rajasthan Strikers and Punjab Pinnacles.

For two consecutive days, the Indian valorant community witnessed a dominant 3-0 series in this Valorant tournament. With Kolkata Tridents dominating Chennai Crusher in the previous day, Rajasthan Strikers showed yet another domination over Punjab Pinnacles.

On day 3 of Skyesports Valorant League 2021, Punjab Pinnacles went up against Hyderabad Nawabs and succumbed to a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Hyderabad. This is their second defeat and puts them in an uneasy spot as others move past ahead on the leaderboard.

As day 5 of matches concludes, the Delhi Dragons still lead the table with Hyderabad high on their heels. Rajasthan, with this victory, has beaten Kolkata Tridents to get third position.

Skyesports leaderboard after day 5 (Screengrab via Liquipedia)
Skyesports leaderboard after day 5 (Screengrab via Liquipedia)

Skyesports Valorant League 2021 day 5

Rajasthan Strikers vs. Punjab Pinnacles

With almost every single player being a star, Rajasthan has no issue making a line-up without their usual one. However, having already lost a series, Punjab Pinnacles wanted to go with their A-game.

Rajasthan Strikers Line-up (Screengrab from Skyesports league)
Rajasthan Strikers Line-up (Screengrab from Skyesports league)
Punjab Pinnacles Line-up (Screengrab from Skyesports league)
Punjab Pinnacles Line-up (Screengrab from Skyesports league)

The three chosen maps by the two teams for today's 5 Valorant series were:

  • Ascent
  • Haven
  • Icebox

Map 1: Ascent

An early push from the attacking side of Rajasthan was halted by Punjab, but with a late push on site A, Rajasthan quickly took control, winning the pistol round. Capitalizing on this momentum, Rajasthan took another round. In the third round , both teams had their full buy.

Punjab executed a flawless Valorant round, making the scoreline 2-1. This was short-lived as Rajasthan won two consecutive rounds, taking the score to 4-1. The remainder of the first half was Rajasthan's. Dropping just two more rounds, they finished the half 8-4.

Into the second half, the pistol round was important for Punjab as they needed to win to stand a chance for a come back. But, Rajasthan Strikers won the second pistol round, widening the score. Adding insult to injury, Rajasthan went on to win five consecutive rounds in the second half and wrap up the game 13-4.

Riding of Rajasthan’s psy racking up 21 kills and mw1 with 19 of his own, their side charged forward with the one-sided stomp on Punjab.

Scorecard of map 1 (Screengrab from Skyesports league)
Scorecard of map 1 (Screengrab from Skyesports league)

Map 2: Haven

The second game started off with yet another Pistol round victory for Rajasthan Strikers. With their controller blackhawk racking up two quick kills, Punjab were flustered and helpless. They went for a late B push to get a possible plant but got shut down by Rajasthan’s defense.

The game was a stalemate for quite a while as the lead kept going back and forth. Finally, Rajasthan took another lead and capitalized on that lead to get three consecutive rounds and take a 6-3 scoreline.

Going into the 10th round of the match, blackhawk was looking down on a clutch situation. Despite his best efforts, he was short on time and could not defuse the spike in time. From there on, the match went back to Rajasthan’s control, with the half ending 8-4.

In the second-half pistol round starting, Rajasthan showed absolute prowess and won. After the pistols, Punjab quickly snatched two consecutive rounds from the clutches of Rajasthan, making the scoreline 9-6.

But as a show of power, Rajasthan did not lose a single round after that and wrapped up the game with a 13-6 scoreline to win the second map.

Scorecard of map 2 (Screengrab from Skyesports league)
Scorecard of map 2 (Screengrab from Skyesports league)

Map 3: Icebox

Rajasthan Strikers, leading the Valorant series 2-0, looked to win the third as well for an important 2.5 points in the group stage. Punjab, already losing their second series in the early stages, felt the pressure.

The third map started off with yet another Rajasthan pistol-round victory. But Punjab, hot on their heels, quickly got back a round. Going into the third round, Solo clutched the round against Punjab, racking up a total of four kills in this particular round.

The scoreline was 2-1 in favor of Rajasthan Strikers. The attacker side went on to win three consecutive rounds to make the scoreline 4-1 before Punjab finally retaliated and won a round. Winning two more consecutive rounds, Rajasthan’s blackhawk was looking at yet another post-plant 2v1 clutch situation. Heundoubtedlye delivered the clutch, singlehandedly winning the round for his team. As the final Valorant match went on, the crowd finally saw something out of the textbook and the half ended 9-3.

Rajasthan won the final pistol round for this Valorant series as well. Punjab gave their best and struggled to take back two consecutive rounds, making the scoreline 10-5. But Rajasthan hammered the final nail in the coffin as they won every single round after that to finish the game 13-5 and win that all-important 2.5 points.

Scorecard of map 3 (Screengrab from Skyesports league)
Scorecard of map 3 (Screengrab from Skyesports league)

With a dominating performance from mw1 and psy, Rajasthan Strikers's Valorant roster delivered the absolute stomping on Punjab Pinnacles’ Valorant roster and took the series 3-0 by storm.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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