Skyesports Valorant League set to return in 2021

The next iteration of the Skyesports Valorant League has just been announced.

After last year’s huge success, Skyesports is set to return with the next Valorant League this summer. This time around, organizers want to make this event larger than ever.

Skyesports Valorant League has been one of the most successful Esports tournaments in India so far. With a staggering prize pool of ₹1,000,000, it turned out to be an amazing inter-city tournament that pleasantly surprised the country.

Here’s what happened in the tournament last year.

Skyesports Valorant League

Skyesports Valorant league 2.0 started on December 4th of 2020, hosting 26 days of world-class Valorant games.

Instead of different Esports teams, the league featured matches between cities represented by players or organizations. Eight cities participated in the tournament. They were:

  • Team Delhi
  • Team Bengaluru
  • Team Mumbai
  • Team Chennai
  • Team Kolkata
  • Team Hyderabad
  • Team Punjab
  • Team Rajasthan

These teams were put into two groups of four, playing Bo3 matches to advance for the playoffs.

Only two teams from each group went to the playoffs with single-elimination matches, each being Bo5’s.

The semi-finals and finals were all broadcast in seven different languages for an expansive Valorant fan base in India.

The finals were played between Team Hyderabad and Team Rajasthan, in which Hyderabad took the series with a clean sweep of 3-0.

Team Hyderabad was being represented by Team Mahi (then known as Velocity Gaming).

The majority of the total prize-pool was divided between the top four teams, while teams placing between 5th-8th got a smaller portion according to standing.

Success of Skyesports Valorant League

The success of the Skyesports Valorant League was widespread. It was such a hit that it attracted the attention of international players.

Valorant fans saw their celebrated pro-Yassine "Subroza" Taoufik of team TSM showing his appreciation in the comments. He was one of the many who watched the grand finals.

When Sportskeeda approached the CEO of Skyesports regarding the success of their league, he said,

Skyesports League 2020 is a vision to take esports to the next level. In the first season itself, people have adapted to the city vs city concept and have started supporting the city teams. This is really a great opportunity and a grassroots level building for esports, especially with regional content and broadcast. People have liked it, and we are making it bigger in the next season

Future of Skyesports Valorant League

Skyesports announced on Instagram and Twitter that their next Valorant League is returning on the 9th of April, 2021.

They also promised to showcase the tournament in a bigger way with more entertainment than before.

Fans worldwide have been waiting for such a breakthrough in the global Esports scene it was introduced in India. This is their chance to capitalize on the outreach India received last year.

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