Stinger range tweaks and Frenzy cost increase might be on the cards for Valorant patch 2.03

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Riot Games had only recently brought some significant amount of changes to the “run and gun” mechanic that was there in Valorant.

With patch 2.02, the Valorant devs have significantly raised the skill ceiling for the game as they sought to increase the weapon inaccuracies during any form of movement.

However, even if the exploit was fixed for weapons like the Vandal, Phantom, and the Guardian, there was not much difference seen when it came to the Frenzy.


This eventually gave rise to the Frenzy meta during pistol rounds, where everyone decides to invest in the automatic pistol and run them down the map.

Valorant being a tactical shooter like CS: GO emphasizes the importance of strategy and position holding more than anything else. So, if there is a gun in the game that works on Call of Duty mechanics, that seriously hampers the competitive integrity of the shooter.

A few days ago, even 100 Thieves’ star player, Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella, called out the Frenzy for its overpowered run and gun mechanics and said:

“Pistol rounds have been more RNG than I thought was even humanly possible with this frenzy meta.”

It seems like Riot might have a solution to this problem up their sleeve, and they will be implementing some necessary balance changes in the upcoming Valorant patch.

Stinger and Frenzy changes coming in Valorant patch 2.03

The community’s friendly neighborhood data miner, Valorant Leaks, highlighted the fact that both the Frenzy and the Stinger will be receiving some balance updates in the upcoming patch.

Valorant Leaks shared some stream clips of ex-LCS player turned Valorant weapons Game Designer Nicholas Wu Smith, in which he talked about some of the balance changes coming to the game.

Nicholas said that in an upcoming update, the Stinger would see some significant tweaks to its accuracy over distance.

While the Frenzy will be 100 credits more expensive, which can effectively nerf the Frenzy meta which has been taking over Valorant since patch 2.02.

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