The possible lore of Yoru’s origin in Valorant

Yoru’s origins in Valorant were hinted ar recently (Image by Riot Games)
Yoru’s origins in Valorant were hinted ar recently (Image by Riot Games)
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Based on different Easter eggs and a recent Yoru quiz, fans have theorized about the Valorant agent’s story and mask.

Yoru is a duelist originating from Japan who joined the Valorant roster in Episode 2 Act 1. Much of his back story is unknown.

But in a recent quiz on Valorant’s official Instagram account, the devs revealed several new facts.

It was disclosed that Yoru’s design is influenced by ferrofluid, a liquid affected by magnetic poles. Be it his Fakeout or Gatecrash abilities, the visual design follows a ferrofluid nature.

Information and Easter eggs about Valorant’s Yoru

Riot Games added the Icebox map with Episode 1 Act 3. Here, a samurai armor in a glass box was present. Fans concluded that it hinted towards the next agent, originating from Japan.

While that turned out to be accurate, the samurai armor turned out to be something more than a mere Easter egg.

In a recent quiz on the Valorant Instagram page, Riot revealed information regarding Yoru. They disclosed that Yoru originates from Tokyo, most possibly near Split, as he mentions how the map was beautiful before Kingdom Corporation moved in. It was also revealed that Yoru is currently searching for a lost ancestor.

Yoru’s mask can see between dimensions, and it originates from the Edo period.

Radianite mask and the Legend of the Samurai, speculation regarding Yoru’s story

The primary story of Valorant revolves around the resource, Radianite. Kingdom Corporation was formed to study and utilize it for nefarious purposes, while Valorant Protocol was assembled to guard this material from Kingdom Corporation.

Radianite can be used in weapons, such as Killjoy’s turrets or Raze’s bot. It can also potentially give supernatural abilities to people who come in contact with it. Those with Radiantie supernatural skills are known as Radiant. Agents such as Phoenix and Jett come under this category.

Before Yoru’s introduction, a sealed glass box had the samurai armor, with a mask similar to his. Currently, it is broken with mysterious energy slipping out.

It is possible that Yoru’s mask used to belong to a samurai from the Edo period. It is an ancient radianite item, and prolonged exposure has turned Yoru into a Radiant.

The mask only allows Yoru to perform Dimensional Drift. By becoming a Radiant, Yoru can perform abilities similar to Phoenix and Omen, who are confirmed Radiants.

It can also be theorized that the samurai from the Edo period also became Radiant and maybe caused the Japanese folklore of Yruei.

As Kingdom Corporation researches Radianite and Radiants, they might have acquired the samurai’s armor from it’s resting place, possibly in Split. To make their task easy, the organization could have destroyed any historical record of the samurai, and taken his armor to the research facility in Icebox.

Yoru might be a descendant of this samurai and is currently looking for this lost ancestor.

The story isn’t confirmed by Riot and might be completely wrong. However, any confirmation can bind all the clues together.

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