Top 5 Most Viral Cypher Plays In The History Of Valorant

Top 5 Most Viral Cypher Plays In The History Of Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Top 5 Most Viral Cypher Plays In The History Of Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Cypher has always been one of the best sentinels in Valorant.

The agent comes with a very balanced kit that can be used in both defense and offense. Cypher has the ability to slow down enemies and gather intel for the team. The Moroccan Surveillance Agent is also a great choice for players who like to play Valorant solo. He can also stop flanks using Trapwire and relocate or evade the enemy's line of sight using his Cyber Cage. His ultimate ability gives the team enough intel to win a match and is pretty useful in clutch situations. There are many Cypher mains out there but few stand out to be the best.

The following article discusses the top five Most Viral Cypher Plays In The History Of Valorant.

Valorant: Top 5 Most Viral Cypher Plays In The History

5) SockDrone’s ace in Ascent

SockDrone loves to play Cypher. In a ranked match on Ascent, he led his team to victory with an Ace. He was holding site A when enemies started pushing A long, but they failed due to Cypher's Cyber Cage smoke on A main entrance. He quickly finished off four enemies and then used his ultimate ability to kill the last one giving them a win.

4) Anxtincts’s ace in Split

Anxtincts is a Twitch streamer who likes playing Valorant. His real name is Chris and he is a 23-year-old Canadian Streamer. He has been streaming since May 21st 2018 with a follower count of 2.9k. During a ranked match on Split, he aced the 18th round of the game. He was 1 kill away from getting his ultimate recharged which he got by killing Raze in heaven and then he finished off two players in site B after using his Ultimate. He tracked the rest of the players using his camera and successfully killed them in B heaven, giving him an ace.

3) Austin’s ace in Split

A Reddit user named “xd_saustin” shared a clip of him playing Cypher In Split, where he got an ace. He was holding site B on Split when enemies tried pushing B main he instantly used the Cyber Cage to make a one-way smoke and successfully eliminated four players at once, then he went to mid for the last and final kill which gave him an ace.It was a 200 IQ play by Austin and players really enjoy watching the clip.

2) Snownoze’s Clutch in Ascent

Snownoze is a player in Valorant who goes by the username “u/AwesomeXGC '' on Reddit. He posted a clutch video in Ascent a few months back where he successfully wiped out the entire enemy team. He killed Viper in B main then pushed in Site using his Cyber Cage, and with the help of his Spy Cam he gathered intel and took out three enemies. He initiated a fake plant and killed Brimstone which gave him an Ace.

1) Xayne’s ace in Bind

Xayne is a player in Valorant who goes by the username “u/izzuro” on Reddit. He posted a clip on Reddit where he got an ace on the B site of Bind using Cypher. When enemies were pushing the B site, he instantly blocked sight in B window using Cyber Cage and tracked the enemies with Spy Cam. He instantly evaded Brimstone’s Ultimate ability and successfully killed three enemies. He then tracked Sage using the camera at the site and killed her at the end after eliminating Reyna from B window. The play was a sight to behold for all the Valorant fans out there.

Disclaimer: This list solely reflects the author’s personal views on Valorant and is in no way a definitive ranking.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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