Top 5 Valorant agents with a mysterious backstory

Top 5 Valorant agents with a mysterious backstory (Image via Riot Games)
Top 5 Valorant agents with a mysterious backstory (Image via Riot Games)

The agents of Valorant have an interesting story, but not all of them are known.

Over the last year, Valorant has risen to be more than a competitive game. With interesting characters and intriguing storylines, the game has become a multicultural sensation.

In Valorant, a group of extraordinary people, some with Radianite weapons and some Radiant themselves, have formed the Valorant Protocol to save the world. Each of the agents has their own motivation to join the team; however, some of the stories are unknown.

Agents with a mysterious backstory in Valorant

Riot Games has been building up the stories of Valorant using the in-game player cards, voice lines, and of course, the cinematic shorts. There have been three cinematic shorts so far: Dualist, Retake, and Duality. However, lore enthusiasts still have many questions regarding the agents.

Here are the top 5 Valorant agents with a mysterious backstory:

5) Sage

Sage can not only heal and revive teammates, but she can also block the paths of the opponent. Brimstone trusts her to be in a leadership position. Sage also shares a deep and personal connection with Omen. And for some reason, she has failed Viper before. Sage’s connection with Viper and Omen is shrouded in mystery.

4) Brimstone

Brimstone is the leader and the founder of Valorant Protocol. But why did he feel the need to assemble agents from across the world? Also, what bonds does he share with Kay/O and Killjoy? There are many unanswered questions regarding Brimstone.

3) Reyna

There are many unknown questions regarding Reyna’s backstory. What connection did she have with Viper (as hinted in the Duality Reyna + Viper card)? Why does she hate machinery, and why is she most hated by Kay/O? There are quite a few questions regarding the dualist backstory that needs to be answered.

2) Viper

Viper is perhaps another mysterious agent. She takes on the role of on-field leader, yet not much is known about her.

In the Duality cinematic, it was also shown that Viper knows about the mirror agent. But what is her relationship with Omen? What happened between her and Sage? Why do she and Reyna carry animosity towards each other? Is she a part of Kingdom Corporation? There are many unanswered questions regarding Viper’s past.

1) Omen

Omen is the most mysterious agent in Valorant. There are multiple questions regarding his backstory. How did he lose his identity? What made him a shadow? What connection does he share with Viper and Sage? Lore enthusiasts hope to get answers one day.

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