Viper and Omen, the Shakespearean Valorant love story

Viper and Omen, the Shakespearean Valorant love story (Image by Riot Games, screen-capped from
Viper and Omen, the Shakespearean Valorant love story (Image by Riot Games, screen-capped from

A lore theory regarding Valorant agents Viper and Omen might have uncovered a tragic love story and the connection to Kingdom Corporation.

Riot Games has built a detailed world filled with interesting characters and deep lore in and around Valorant. Even though the developers have revealed quite a few interesting pieces of information, including confirming the mirror verse theory recently in cinematic Duality, many questions still linger in the mind of lore enthusiast fans.

A lore theory posted by Redditor u/biomessy might have revealed a Shakespearean love story between the Valorant Protocol controller agents Omen and Viper.

Viper the healed and Omen the living dead, a Valorant love story

Based on the facts and voice lines already presented, Redditor u/biomessy puts forward an interesting theory regarding the two controllers.

Based on the in-game voice lines, it is apparent that Viper used to work for Kingdom Corporation but currently holds a vendetta as they turned her into a monster. On the other hand, Omen is said to have lost his humanity and now is merely a shadow. The connection between the two agents has been hinted at multiple times.

The theory suggests that as a chemist for Kingdom Corporation, Viper used to study Radianite and discovered several properties of the material. This proximity turned her into a Radiant.

While u/biomessy suggests that Kingdom Corporation locked her up, that may not be the case, as the Artificial Radiant theory suggests that she continued to experiment on human test subjects, whose prototype result was Omen, and the first successful result was Reyna.

Viper and Omen might have fallen in love during the time period, but tragedy struck during the experiment when Omen almost died. While Viper was able to save him physically, he wasn’t the same man anymore.

Redditor u/biomessy says:

When he does, Viper can't recognize the man she loved and has no idea he's Omen. She has already joined a team that is fighting against Kingdom, using her chemistry and radianite knowledge to poison her enemies. Omen is just a phantom of memory, but he still remembers the woman who used to heal with her abilities.

The theory is quite compelling and could explain the connection between two Valorant controller agents. Omen and Viper seems like a true Shakespearean tragic love story.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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