Valorant Americas League: Who are MIBR?

Who are MIBR in VCT 2023 Franchise League ? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Who are MIBR in VCT 2023 Franchise League ? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Riot Games' exciting new Valorant Partnership Program has propelled some teams to prominence, and while their performance in the tournament remains to be seen, they have secured their places.

MIBR is one of ten teams approved into the Riot's Partnership Program for the coming year. While the team hasn't played in many prestigious competitions, they do have a strong presence and a dedicated fan base. This article will offer an outline of MIBR's past accomplishments as well as their expectations for the upcoming VCT 2023 season.

All you need to know about MIBR for the Valorant Champions Tour in 2023.

Immortals Gaming Club owns MIBR (also known as Made in Brazil), a Brazilian professional esports organization. Riot Games have come to agreements with the top 30 teams in Valorant's competitive arena, including MIBR from the Americas.

Made in Brazil was the third Brazilian team to be included in the VCT 2023 Americas tournament, joining FURIA and reigning global champions LOUD in the 10-team league scheduled to begin next year.


NiP, another team that was in line to get into the Valorant partnership program, will be disappointed with the outcome, given that the company relocated its entire Valorant operation from EMEA to Brazil last year, lost to LOUD in two distinct Brazil Challengers grand finals, and came just short of being crowned champions.

The following teams are included for the Americas league:

  • Sentinels
  • Cloud9
  • NRG
  • KRU Esports
  • LOUD
  • Leviatán
  • MIBR
  • 100 Thieves
  • Evil Geniuses

Who are MIBR ?

MIBR is best known for their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) roster, which has included a number of legendary players such as FalleN, fer, coldzera, tarik, and Stewie2K, among others. The group also participates in the Brazilian league, Brasileiro, in Rainbow Six Siege. MIBR also has female teams in Valorant and CS:GO.


MIBR entered the Valorant scene at the start of the year, signing a Brazilian roster and relegating to the second stage of the Brazilian Challengers. They finished second in their group in stage two, but broke apart in the playoffs after losing back-to-back to the Keyd Stars and Los Grandes.

MIBR's current roster comprises the esports athletes listed below:

  • Gustavo "gtnziN" Moura (IGL)
  • Rafael "mNdS" Mendes
  • Matheus "DeNaro" Hipólito
  • João "jzz" Pedro
  • Leandro "frz" Gomes
  • Jordan "stk" Nunes (Coach)

Looking ahead at the VCT 2023

The organizers of VCT 2023, Riot Games have outlined ambitious intent to hold the most prestigious esports championship to date. The upcoming season is expected to provide talented esports athletes several possibilities from various sectors to demonstrate their abilities.

Teams who are not included must go through two additional phases in order to play in Champions 2023. Three non-franchise sides will be elevated to the global stage for a two-year term if they thrive in the Challengers and Ascension tournaments. In 2024, these teams will have a chance at the franchise promotion process.


The VCT 2023 premiere event, which will take place on February 18, 2023 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, will be a high-stakes tournament comprising thirty associated teams. Following this, an international league, a Masters tournament and the Champions 2023 will take place.

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