Valorant Champions Tour 2021 Korea Stage 2 Challengers: NUTURN Gaming eliminate Vision Strikers, the "Kings of Korea"

The undisputed kings are no more (Image via VCT)
The undisputed kings are no more (Image via VCT)
Modified 01 May 2021

The Valorant Champions Tour 2021 Stage 2 Challengers for the Korean region saw NUTURN Gaming eliminate the undisputed strongest te of the region, Vision Strikers, from the tournament.

Ever since the formation of Vision Strikers on June 7th 2020, their achievements in Valorant esports have been extraordinary. Winning every single tournament they participated in last year, they set themselves apart from the other teams in the Korean region.

Seeing how important the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) KR Stage 2 Challengers is, all the participating teams gave it their absolute best. Among the 16 teams participating in this tournament, only the winner is going to be able to represent the Korean region in the upcoming VCT Stage 2 Masters, set to be held in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Everybody in the Valorant community expected Vision Strikers to be the eventual representative, taking into account just how dominant they have been.

Valorant Champions Tour KR Stage 2 Challengers: Elimination of Vision Strikers

Vision Strikers ended their 2020 run by winning every single tournament they participated in. Even in 2021, they started off with the same momentum, winning the previous VCT KR Stage 1 Masters.

Due to their extraordinary achievements, they have been branded as the "Kings of Korea." With such an undisputed performance, they went into Stage 2 Challengers as favorites to secure the spot in the upcoming Reykjavik Masters.

However, NUTURN Gaming had something to say about that. NUTURN Gaming is a fairly new esports organization, having been formed on January 1st, 2021. Since then, they have only participated in VCT tournaments and have always been hot on Vision Strikers’ trail.

After a nail-biting 3-2 grand finals series at the Stage 1 Masters, Vision Strikers clinched the title from NUTURN Gaming.

They finally went up against each other in the VCT KR Stage 2 Challengers playoffs semifinals. Going up against VIsion Strikers, the undisputed kings of Korea, NUTURN Gaming exacted a swift blow.

Not only did NUTURN Gaming finally have their revenge, but by defeating Vision Strikers 2-0, they ended the latter's run, and their hopes of making it to the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2 Masters.

Published 01 May 2021
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