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Valorant Champions Tour 2021 LATAM Stage 1 Masters champion LDM Esports face financial problems

Despite being the victors they run into financial problems (Image via VCT)
Despite being the victors they run into financial problems (Image via VCT)
Modified 08 Apr 2021

Financial problems in the whole Valorant esports scene have raised some eyebrows throughout the community.

Valorant Champions Tour 2021 has been one of the most ambitious endeavors undertaken by any gaming company so far. The Stage 1 Masters for every region has been the biggest milestone in the journey thus far.

Winning the Stage 1 Masters has been the biggest achievement an esports org could ever hope for in Valorant. Through countless trials and battles, every team has given their best to achieve the title. The Masters have been hosted for all the different regions announced by Riot for the VCT season.

For the Latin American region, LDM Esports is the organization that came out victorious over the other seven participating teams in the VCT Stage 1 Masters. But winning such a tournament does not solidify one’s financial position. With such an important title in their bags, LDM Esports strife forward for bigger challenges to come in the upcoming Stage 2 Challengers 1.

However, financial problems in all the regions of Valorant have raised concerns in the community. LDM Esports recently have landed themselves with a problem.

Inflated salary issues in Valorant

Since the inception of Valorant, its growth has been astounding. With the influx of players from all sorts of multiplayer game genres to new players getting into Valorant, the community has grown so much. However, there has been a lurking problem in the esports scene that is often not heard about, and organizations would rather not discuss it.

There is a growing issue where organizations are slowly going bankrupt due to the bloated salaries of players and coaches in different organizations. Organizations that do not have good sponsorship backing them are slowly losing money.


The situation of LDM Esports

Several experts in the esports community including, Spencer “Hiko” Martin, are speculating about the situation regarding LDM Esports. While nothing has been confirmed, it is said that LDM Esports is undergoing some sort of financial problems involving the departure of one of their co-owners and lack of funding.

Despite their recent victory in the VCT LATAM STage 1 Masters and bagging the $15,000 in winnings, they seem to have landed themselves in financial trouble. On 5 April, José “Ezio” Pérez left the organization. He was the CEO and co-owner of the whole organization. It said that he scammed the whole organization, and even in other situations, people who have trusted him have been scammed.


While nothing has been proven, this sets a course that runs deeper than the “lack of funding” situation that the situation right now seems for LDM Esports. They also seem to have lost their PC sponsorship, which leaves the whole roster without any PC to practice on.

Contribution from the community

While being a professional player, Hiko is also a part of the Valorant community. With a team that won such a huge title running into financial problems, Hiko wanted to help the organization in any way possible. He has talked about setting up a fundraiser on his stream to help the org out. The community has replied with both positivity and surprise in this matter.

Published 08 Apr 2021, 00:09 IST
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