Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1 Challengers 3 NA results and standings

Image by Riot Games
Image by Riot Games
Subhradeep "Bucketbaba" Mukherjee

Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1 Challengers 3 for the North America region that started on March 4th is currently underway.

After the last two challengers of stage 1, this challenger will be deciding the seeds for the upcoming Valorant Masters. The top four teams from this tournament will get their seeds reserved during the qualifiers of Valorant Masters.

The VCT Stage 1 Challenger 3 NA has already shown some spectacular series, while one of them was witnessed last night between 100 Thieves and T1.

Valorant Stage 1 Challengers 3 NA results and standings

Eight teams participated in this tournament. Four of them qualified directly from challengers 2, and the other four had to fight their way in through the opening qualifiers. The eight teams participating in the tournament are:

  • Luminosity Gaming (Challengers 2)
  • 100 Thieves (Challengers 2)
  • FaZe Clan (Challengers 2)
  • Gen.G Esports (Challengers 2)
  • TSM (Open qualifiers)
  • NRG (Open qualifiers)
  • T1 (Open qualifiers)
  • Kooky Koalas (Open qualifiers)

The tournament's total prize pool is $50,000 with the bonus of four slots in Valorant Masters. This tournament is also of the same format as the previously hosted Challengers, a dual bracket format featuring four rounds of upper and lower bracket matches leading to the grand finals.

Of these eight teams, 100 Thieves went into the tournament as the absolute fan favorite. But to everyone’s shock, they got dropped to the lower bracket in the first round of matches, losing their first series to NRG with a 1-2 scoreline.

All the while, Luminosity, TSM, and FaZe Clan won their respective matches, dropping Kooky Koalas, Gen.G, and T1 to the lower bracket as well.

In the first round of lower bracket matches, Kooky Koalas went up against Gen.G Esports and 100 Thieves against T1. With a crushing 2-0 victory, Gen.G. qualified for the next round while 100 Thieves beat T1 with a 2-1 scoreline.

Image via Liquipedia
Image via Liquipedia

The VCT Stage 1 Challengers 3 NA's current standings are yet to be decided, while Kooky Koalas and T1 book their 7th-8th slot, winning a shared $1000 prize money.

Image via Liquipedia
Image via Liquipedia

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