Valorant Competitive guide: How to boost ranked MMR in 2022

Valorant's ranking system is quite complicated, with RR and MMR behind its steering wheel (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant's ranking system is quite complicated, with RR and MMR behind its steering wheel (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant's competitive system is often regarded as complicated as players mysteriously lose more rank ratings than they gain. Some find getting past a certain rank extremely difficult, fueling frustration. According to officials, such situations occur due to the MMR and RR that Valorant assigns to each player.

Competitive shooter games, like Valorant, usually feature an MMR + RR system for their ranked modes. MMR is short for match-making ratings and is hidden from players. RR is short for rank rating, which players can view on their profile to get an idea of their performance.


Both RR and MMR play important roles in determining a player's rank. However, one must focus on increasing their MMR to rank up fast. When a player's RR and MMR are almost the same, ranking up will slow down, thus creating a 'hard-stuck' situation.

That said, a player cannot, in any way, know the true value of their MMR in Valorant. It is a hidden value that the game uses in conjunction with RR to assign ranks to a player. Players can use only one official technique to boost their MMR and increase their RR gain.

Only known way to boost ranked Valorant MMR is to win many games

Maintaining a high win rate will increase a player's MMR and thus, make ranking up faster.

To win a game, one must pick an Agent they are comfortable with and use utilities to the team's advantage. Outperforming opponents can also help one gain more RR alongside enjoying a boost in MMR. Hence, players must focus on improving their skills in the long run.


Lastly, the easiest way to rank up in the game and enjoy a steady increase in MMR is to continue outperforming those possessing higher MMR. While ACS and kills don't directly affect RR or MMR, carrying a high combat score can garner a performance bonus, popularly known to help rank up faster in the game.

How is the MMR and RR interlinked

Players with low RR and high MMR will gain more points if they win and lose fewer points when they lose a match. Valorant tries to assign a player the rank they deserve. Higher MMR and lower RR denote that the player deserves a higher rank to match their skill level.


However, a low MMR and a high RR combo will cause the player to lose more points upon losing a game and gain less points upon winning one until they reach the rank they deserve.

The ranking system in the game prefers a higher win rate over a higher number of wins. If one player wins 100 matches and another wins 50, the ranking system will still reward the one featuring a higher win rate with more MMR.

Players can only counter this system by maintaining a higher MMR than RR. However, it is practically impossible to do that, primarily because the MMR value isn't visible to players. Hence, there's not much to do other than focus on winning more matches and improving skills.

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