Valorant data-miners reveal codename "Sprinter" as possible agent 18

The next Valorant agent codenamed "Sprinter" leaked (Image via Google)
The next Valorant agent codenamed "Sprinter" leaked (Image via Google)

Valorant leakers have yet again done their job when it comes to deep-diving into game files and leaking. The latest leaks have revealed the possible codename for the next Valorant agent and Magepunk 2.0 skin bundle.

Codenames and agent numbers are assigned to every Valorant agent in the game. Just like the recently added agent, KAY/O has the codename “Grenadier.” As of now, the Valorant Protocol has 17 agents, while the 8th Agent still remains a mystery. The recent revelation of a possible codename for the next agent piqued the interest of Valorant enthusiasts.

Valorant fans speculate that the new agent might be the 18th agent in Valorant Protocol. However, some fans are still sticking to the possibility of knowing the identity of the 8th concept agent. The new agent’s leaked codename is “Sprinter,” but the agent’s abilities are still unknown.

Speculations regarding Valorant's new agent

Both infamous leakers Mike-Valorleaks and Floxay tweeted recently leaking the codename for the next Valorant agent. Other than the name “Sprinter”, another codename was leaked, which is “Deadeye.” These could possibly be the codenames for two different agents.

Valorant developers are surely trolling leakers for the first speculation that can be made about these leaks. The codenames have been revealed way too early, as Valorant’s Episode 3 was released only 2 weeks ago. So having information or leaks on the next Valorant Act is still very far from now.

Twitter folks are having a blast mocking the codename and made some interesting responses. However, some responses do make sense and defend the leaks. For instance, Valorant might be making up for the agent which wasn’t released back in Episode 2 Act 3.

Aside from the information on the next Valorant agent, another leak was made for the new skin bundle. According to leaker Floxay, the Operator might be getting a Magepunk 2.0 skin, which could be an extension to the Magepunk bundle which was released before.

These are all speculations and rumors, and nothing has been confirmed yet. Only time can tell if these hunches and leakers are correct.

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