Valorant developer discusses possibility of story mode

Story mode's in Valorant are now a possibility? (Image by Riot Games)
Story mode's in Valorant are now a possibility? (Image by Riot Games)
Suryadeepto Sengupta

Valorant has become one of the world’s top competitive FPS games within months of launch.

The game is set in a world with a deep story and rich characters. Fans know very little about the in-depth lore, though. Riot Games has only given hints of the struggle for Radianite between Valorant Protocol and Kingdom Corporation.


According to the lore of Valorant, the origins of Radianite is unknown. However, it is known to give special abilities to people who come in contact with it.

They are known as Radiants. Kingdom Corporation’s primary purpose is to gather Radianite and use it for nefarious purposes. Valorant Protocol was formed to protect Radianite from this organization.

Valorant Creative Director David Nottingham has promised a deeper dive into the lore and story in Valorant Episode 2 and beyond. Episode 2 will arrive in early January with the 14th Valorant Agent and possibly a redesigned ranking system.

Valorant cinematic short with Episode 2?

The story mode in a competitive FPS game isn’t something new. In fact, games such as Call of Duty are known for their innovative story-based sub-series, Modern Warfare and Black Ops. Other than a proper story mode, some FPS series like Overwatch have cinematic shorts to flesh out the story.

With the End of the Year Dev Diary, David Nottingham released five images, which could be from an upcoming cinematic short. These images tease a lot of information, including Agent 14’s name, a new location, and possibly the truth behind Radianite being revealed.

This potential cinematic short could arrive as early as January with Episode 2. It could be the introduction to Agent 14 with a story development in the Valorant lore.

The Valorant story mode

Valorant launched with Episode 1: Ignition, with each episode divided into acts. Ignition consisted of 3 acts. Episode 2 is scheduled to arrive in early January.

Considering that Act 1 and Act 3 dropped with new maps, Ascent and Icebox, and Act 2 introduced the new Deathmatch game mode, it is possible that Episode 2: Act 1 might introduce a new game mode.

With its profound lore and rich characters, the story mode has become a fan favorite wish to diving deeper into the story.

In a recent Ask Valorant Q&A, the Valorant developer was asked about the possibility of a story mode.

The developer replied that letting players find out more about the Agent’s backstories and the world is a definite top priority for the team. A lot of that is hidden in the player card, voice-over, and many Easter eggs to form snippets.

However, there currently isn’t any plan to develop a traditional story mode:

“However, a traditional story mode is not in our current plans but....never say never.”

He added that the team’s main priority is to communicate with the player base and adapt and grow.

Story mode or not, one thing is for sure, that players cannot wait to know more about Valorant and its characters. With Episode 2 potentially bringing a deeper dive into the stories, they cannot wait for early January.

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