Valorant Episode 3 Act 2's Phoenix vs Phoenix player card references an iconic moment of Duality

Duality, Phoenix faces himself (Image by Riot Games)
Duality, Phoenix faces himself (Image by Riot Games)

Riot Games continues the Versus series card with the latest addition in Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 Battlepass, which pits the British duelist against himself.

Riot Games has formed amazing lore in and around Valorant with in-depth characters and intriguing plot points. Besides the balanced competitive aspect, the Valorant lore itself has lots of fans across the world.

The Versus series player cards have been a constant for the last few act Battlepasses. It often depicts crucial story points, where two characters come face to face. While most of them are shrouded in mystery, Valorant Episode 3 Act 2’s Versus card depicts a crucial moment in Valorant’s lore that fans already know.

The reveal of mirror-verse in Valorant is being depicted by the new Versus

Back in May, Riot Games released the third cinematic Duality to usher in the third episode of Valorant: Reflection. Unlike Duelist or Retake, Valorant’s previous two cinematics, Duality brought major revelation for the Valorant lore.

The cinematic showcases Killjoy being attacked in the Bind by an unknown assailant who has planted the spike. Soon after, Viper and Phoenix arrived as backups, while Killjoy provided cover fire. Viper assists Killjoy to defuse the spike, while Phoenix chases the shadowy figure.

As Phoenix corners him, he is shocked to find his own reflection, as it is none other than another Phoenix from mirror earth who planted the spike. This moment confirmed the long-standing mirror-verse theory and opened up a whole new dimension of storytelling.

Versus // Phoenix + Phoenix (Image by Riot Games)
Versus // Phoenix + Phoenix (Image by Riot Games)

The Versus // Phoenix + Phoenix player card depicts this iconic moment from the Duality cinematic. This moment will always be depicted as a turning point for the Valorant lore.

This is also the second time Phoenix has appeared on a Versus card (previously against Jett in Episode 1 Act 2), making him the only agent to appear twice on a Duelist card.

The previous Versus cards include,

  • Versus // Phoenix + Jett (Episode 1 Act 2)
  • Versus // Omen + Sage (Episode 2 Act 1)
  • Versus // Raze + Killjoy (Episode 1 Act 3)
  • Versus // Reyna + Viper (Episode 2 Act 3)
  • Versus // Sova + Cypher (Episode 2 Act 2)
  • Versus // Bind + Icebox (Episode 2 Act 2)
  • Versus // Vandal + Phantom (Episode 1 Act 3)
  • Versus // Victory + Defeat (Episode 2 Act 1)

Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Battlepass launches alongside the Fracture map with patch 3.05.

Edited by Ashish Yadav
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