Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 Fade reveal trailer showcases fearsome abilities and the reason for nickname Bounty Hunter

Everything is known about Fade, the Valorant agent who is featured in the latest cinematic (Image via Riot Games)
Everything is known about Fade, the Valorant agent who is featured in the latest cinematic (Image via Riot Games)

A new nightmare arrives in Valorant with Episode 4 Act 3, who is set to use every agent’s fears to her advantage. Fade, codenamed Bounty Hunter, will join the agents in Valorant Protocol and bring her unique powers to extend the already existing arsenal.

According to developers, the agent’s inspiration is taken from League of Legends’ Camille to create a competitor to Sova. Apart from all these facts, the agent is said to hail from Turkey and was pretty clear as Istanbul was featured in the latest cinematic.


Fade will be making her debut in the game with the Episode 4 Act 3 update, which will go live on April 27, 2022.

Riot Games announces Valorant Protocol’s Agent 20: Fade

The third Act of Episode 4 is titled DISRUPTION and hints at how Fade can tilt her foes. The latest cinematic, in which Fade is revealed, takes place right after the events of “WARM UP,” which was released earlier this year with a cliffhanger.


In a recent update, Firing Range present in Valorant hinted towards a blackmailer and Brimstone might have sent their best agents to hunt them down.

The message sent by the blackmailer (Image via Riot Games)
The message sent by the blackmailer (Image via Riot Games)

According to the lore reveal, the blackmailer seemed to know a lot about the agents and threatened them by saying,

“Do not test me.”

As revealed in the cinematic trailer, all of the agents who were dispatched in the previous cinematic appear to be struggling as a dark figure breaches their minds. Even though the mission in Istanbul sailed smoothly, things turned grim as soon as they entered an abandoned warehouse.

This new cinematic trailer mainly focuses on highlighting the fears of other agents. For instance, Neon’s greatest plus point is her speed and agility. However, Fade reveals that she’s scared of being slowed down.

While Sova is known for his sight as a hunter, the new agent spotlights his fear of losing it. Cypher, a spy, is afraid of being on the radar and the cinematic shows it as many cameras are set on him.

Now that we’ve introduced you to Fade, it’s time to meet the music. This trailer features an original track “Karanlığın” by Helin and ARB4. LISTEN NOW:

By using the agent’s fears, Fade breaks into the minds of every agent and puts them in distress, leading them to miss the shots they try to take Fade down.

The entire cinematic ends with Fade talking about every agent’s fears and quotes the following:

“I’ve seen your darkest fears, and mine would eat them alive."

By saying this, Fade might refer to her nightmare-based abilities and hint at how she took care of her bounty-hunting job. As seen from the cinematic so far, only these things can be confirmed. However, it is for sure that more events will come to unfold as more lore is revealed for the game after the arrival of Episode 4 Act 3 Disruption.

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